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  1. Caroline didn't switch them right?!? Wasn't it Stephanie?
  2. from what I am gathering Caroline told him
  3. For about the same price you can hire a photographer to come to you and take pictures and they will put it on a CD and you can print as many pictures from it as you want. I have used January Vargas with 200 images here on p.com and she is awesome!!
  4. Wow that poor baby but he is better off now. The picture of him in the hospital floor looking so tired and frail sent me over with my crying I couldn't imagine having this happen to my babies.
  5. Villa Rica Walmart has a lot of them and they are 39.00.
  6. I am so glad that I am not the only one with tears in my eyes from it.
  7. My momma has/had one @ her store Walgreens store in Buford....I know that's a drive but maybe we can work something out and I can get her to get it and meet up with you?
  8. I don't have her number but I have her daughters number I will let her know
  9. I also say January she just did my photos this weekend and I love them!!
  10. aww I know her!! Glad she and baby are okay!!
  11. Was wondering if anyone was going to name him....lol


    My daughter and neighbor's son has it....took her to the ER and strep came back negative...she is miserable
  13. coming from someone who does not iron.....what is magic sizing?
  14. What about those small plastic clips that the hair places use to pull back and hold your hair when they are cutting it?
  15. Thank you Anita I couldn't get them to post except for the words...lol...I tried to get more of the football players and cheerleaders but they wouldn't cooperate. The coaches on the field even used them on their caps which I thought was awesome. Thank you again for sharing the stickers with us we truly appreciate it!!
  16. Yes it is my road is Southern Trace Crossing the road that has the speed bumps is at the end of southern trace crossing can't think of the name
  17. It's Southern Trace and White something out in Rockmart
  18. So not true we have TWO of them in our subdivision
  19. Pink Ribbons Not sure how to load pics tried everything maybe you can see this!!
  20. If'n I would take you up on this you would owe me quite a bit of money...everytime me and my children go to Walmart (which is just about everyday...LOL) all four of them ask for money to put it in the boot. I don't think there are many of times that we haven't placed some sort of money into those boots!!!
  21. Thank you so much for the stickers I really appreciate it!!
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