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  1. Yes they released it on Blu Ray I bought it this morning at Hiram Walmart for 19.96
  2. I graduated from Buford High School in 1998..not originally from here:)
  3. I was wondering why it was moved


    LOL I was waiting on that one.....
  5. Tried sending you a message but your inbox was full. Are you looking for someone to stay at your home or would it be okay for them to stay at someone else's home?
  6. my hubby said that Mrs. Winners use to be a house and they remodeled into the restaurant is that true?
  7. When I babysat when I was younger I would get like 30 for 8 hours I have always been a cheap babysitter...lol I love kids and don't mind it....
  8. Do you need a babysitter or are you going to be babysitting?
  9. I am currently keeping two kids for 80 a week....my friend keeps kids for 100.00 or more I think....I guess it depends on the person
  10. lol imagine what the people behind you were thinking....
  11. I am doing a 1500 calorie diet that the dr put me on and walking every other day and once I get in the groove on the days that I don't walk I am going to do Wii fit....I thought I would die without getting to eat "food" but there is so many low calorie foods out there and they all taste good. My main thing was drinking cokes so I went to diet dr pepper and water....If you look at the nutrition facts on the fast food restaurants you will die at how many calories they have in it....I mean a double cheeseburger was almost 500 calories and most people have to get the fries and that was another 40
  12. if you figure it out let me know...I took benadryl last night for it and that helped some
  13. I use to have nightmares from Beastmaster....I don't know why I think it was because when I was little my dad would always make me close my eyes in certain parts and when I did watch it I got scared....lol
  14. have u by chance saw the previews to Friday the 13th movie and that's what is causing the nightmares?
  15. in her message is said 34w 24h so I am not really sure if that doesn't help let me know and I will get more specifics.
  16. I have a friend that is looking for a tux or a suit for her neighbor that cannot afford the suit to go to prom. Does anyone know who around here that helps with that?
  17. have you checked into the place on Mcgarity rd...I think it is called the Mcgarity house it is beautiful found the link to the website http://www.themcgarityhouse.com/index2.php?v=v1
  18. try Kroger if you call them and tell them you need them they will hold on to them for you.
  19. wow that looks good care to share the recipe?
  20. Oh ok I know where you are talking about now
  21. where did you buy the rotted tire?
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