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  1. My SIL had someone steal her son's phone and they called the number like a month later and the girl answered and the phone company traced where she picked up the call at and my SIL had the police meet her at the girl's house and got the phone back so you might can call your cell phone provider for help?
  2. there is an app on one of the phones for "drunk" dialing and it will tell you what to say and just dial a random number I wonder if that is it?
  3. with all the deaths that has happened from leaving kids in the car I would think that it would be illegal to do it. That is the case with animals right why not children?
  4. But this place is under new mgmt so it shouldn't be there...lol
  5. ah I see....lol too funny still trying to figure out some of the p.com lingo....
  6. I hear ya P.com seems to be lacking with that here lately
  7. I know I was just messing with you guys...lol
  8. should we leave you two alone?
  9. like talking to yourself?
  10. The only reason you would need the Sony HDMI cable is if he has an HD TV. If he has a regular TV the one that comes with it will be okay. The 399 is an awesome deal cause the games are roughly 60 bucks a piece and the controller is 55 so that is a great deal.
  11. if you have a regular DVD and a DVD recorder it would be easy to do my father in law has done it before
  12. she will be missed and was a wonderful person she was always a joy when I took my kids in...I am sorry for your loss and will pray for you and your family.
  13. I live on the front part of it if you come down woodrow kay way...haven't heard of the birdhouse lady...lol
  14. lol...I haven't lived here long 2 mths now roughly I haven't really seen nothing going on
  15. wow didn't know there was so many southern trace neighbors on here I also live in Southern Trace...lol
  16. lol you are suppose to be able to be "lazy" at times you have been through a lot lately and deserve it. Just enjoy the time that you have with your hubby today.
  17. I will do that I wasn't sure what time they got to the bus barn the driver gets here at 6:30
  18. my kids go to special ed prek at burnt hickory and can't go tomorrow cause they are sick so I didn't want the bus driver to come all the way out here cause we live in rockmart to get them when they aren't going just don't know how to get ahold of them...any suggestions?
  19. I just have a question if anyone here drives a bus please let me know...Thanks!
  20. Dallas Tire has good prices plus they have a coupon for 20.00 off a set of 4 on this website http://dallastire.net/coupon4.html
  21. do you think that you can make a new cover for the cushions and recover the ottoman?
  22. LOL my other daughter's name is Brianna... I like the other spellings of Briley I wanted to do that too but my hubby said nope
  23. My daughter's name is Briley...we were going to name her Briley Marie but my sister didn't want us to use her middle name....seems to have become a popular name now didn't ever hear it until we named my daughter that...
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