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  1. I love Teresa!! I worked with her at Crystal Springs and was wondering if it was her and her husband that was opening this one!!!
  2. We told our daughter we would take her and have her nails done for the homecoming game for REC cheerleading. Can anyone suggest any place in and around Dallas, Hiram that is good? Would prefer to go somewhere I can understand what they are saying all she is having done is a manicure possible pedicure. I appreciate it!!!!!
  3. Facebook update stated she is scheduled for Surgery at 3 and it could take up to 2 hours and that she would more then likely spend another night at the hospital
  4. January is such an awesome person! I amglad to have met her. I hope things get better for you if you need anything let me know!!!
  5. how much do you charge? We are probably going to need someone to be Santa for our Church
  6. You might be able to contact 200 images
  7. They really aren't being specific they live in an area that is not good and drug deals are going down left and right you can't walk out their door without getting a contact buzz from someone smoking pot in the breezeway. She has three boys so I am guessing either a two bedroom baths doesn't really matter....and location she is in Dallas right now but would be fine in New Hope, Villa Rica, Union, Yorkville, Rockmart. She isn't picky just wants to get her and her family out of the area she is in and I really can't blame her.
  8. I have a friend that is looking for a house to rent under 700.00. If anyone knows of anywhere please let me know. Thanks
  9. walmart has them in different colors for like 1.20
  10. No we didn't get one but we saw the ppl delivering them when we were visiting for our church and they only put them on certain mailboxes
  11. We have started a Bus Ministry at Pine Ridge Baptist Church. We would love to pick up anyone that would like to go or even if you would like to come on your own. If you would just like to have your kids picked up and brought back home please message me and we will come out and meet you. Our Church is off of 61 going toward Villa Rica and the Pastor is Rev. Alan Kirk. He is a great man of God and we are working to expand our Church. Sunday School starts at 9:45 we will pick up before then and drop them back off at your house. We would love to have each and everyone one. Please contact m
  12. We felt the same way. I guess it is a lesson learned...didn't they say 94.9 the bull would be there also?
  13. I think the heat no doubt was PART of the issue but it was also the day it was on it was on a Sunday the weekend before school starts. Everyone was either at church or school shopping. You couldn't even see the sign at the road until you totally passed it. I think if it were more planned out and more thought put into it, it could of been a bigger success for them. I don't know how many of the vendors sold anything but we for one didn't sell anything. It was kind of a waste of time and money but atleast it went for charity.
  14. I believe Pubby told me we could do the artist membership also
  15. We had the pillow case dresses, tutu's and stuff like that we were like the 1st or 2nd booth when you came in
  16. I know we were a vendor there and there was NO ONE stopping by.
  17. Really?!?! We always get water at mcdonald's and never get asked about getting it in a bottle
  18. yes you can, my fil does it all the time.
  19. Thanks If they have them it will have toy story on it and the code will be on the inside...
  20. Thought since it worked for Chrissey I would see if anyone had any of the Toy Story 3 codes off the Kellogg's boxes that they aren't going to use. If you have any I would greatly appreciate it. Trying to get enough to take my 6 yr old and 4 yr old triplets to see it!!! Thanks in advance!!!
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