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  1. I think that people think that these things will never happen to them.
  2. Wow, how awful momof3. I'm so glad you're all okay but what a shame that you have to go through this. I hope you can get back to some kind of normalcy sooner than later.
  3. I'm sorry that things are so rough for your dad and I hope that he can be made as comfortable as possible. Also sorry to hear that you've been dealing with tick bites again. I recently made two trips to Indiana as my sister was in her last days of living with ALS. Her grandson and his fiance had been her caretakers for a little over a year. She went downhill fast and passed while I was there on October 7. I went back last weekend for the celebration of her life. ALS is a horrible illness as is cancer. She was a trooper and was still telling jokes in her last days.
  4. I did end up clicking and finding the made-up story, which they were referencing. I went back to facebook and couldn't find the post. Maybe I dreamed it up or maybe someone else did some research and removed it.
  5. People are strange when you're a stranger, faces look ugly when you're alone.
  6. I clicked on a story on facebook from Wake Up World about the walmart store closings and it referred to an investigation into tunnels in Paulding County, so I clicked on that. It showed the info was from oocities.org/walmarttunnels and it had a department of defense logo at the bottom.
  7. I don't participate in this forum much since I no longer live in Paulding County. I remember there used to be discussions about tunnels in Paulding and I always thought it was a joke. Today I was reading an article about suspicious Walmart closings in the south and there was mention of an investigation regarding tunnels in Paulding. Is this a real thing happening?
  8. I can't take dilaudid because it caused hallucinations. After emergency surgery, everytime I would try to sleep I would immediately be frightened awake because of black creepy crawlies. No more of that ever for me. I'm finding through my family's experience in the past couple of years that when a doctor cannot really figure out what is wrong, it is much easier to hand out prescriptions. It almost seems like they want to get rid of you - here have another prescription - primary doctor, pain management and psychiatrist. Even an Emory neurologist handed a hefty prescription for valium to a family
  9. So sorry to hear you are going through this Lucky. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for quick and complete healing. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  10. Momof 3, hope things get better for your family!!
  11. I had a jar of the Maranatha Almond Butter and had eaten some of it. I seem to be ok and waiting for my refund.
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