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  1. Awesome I will try it again too then she said she thought it was one time only! Awesome I will try it again too then she said she thought it was one time only!
  2. Thank you guys so much! She is 23 down so if you have voted please go vote!
  3. awww thank you guys so much! I hope she wins I will find out how often we can vote.
  4. I have a friend that lives in NJ she recently gave birth to twins (after years of trying) and after she gave birth she started having heart problems and now she has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver that cannot be fixed without a transplant and she isn't sure of what is going to happen. If you can please go vote for her to win this hopefully it will help brighten her day if we can get her to win. Thank you guys so much!! http://www.topdentists.com/smile/entry/243008
  5. There was a link someone (hurstrsq) on the first page that stated The evidence presented in Tate's sentencing trial, including his videotaped interrogation, showed that he and two of his brothers, Dustin Tate and Chad Tate, purchased ammunition, duct tape, and knives at a local sporting goods store and formulated a plan to burglarize the home of Chrissie Williams, to steal drugs and money from her home, and to rape her. When they arrived at the home, Katelyn Williams, Chrissie Williams's three-year-old daughter, answered the door. Dustin Tate shocked Chrissie Williams with a stun gun,
  6. I can tell you my daughter was there last year for Prek and we loved it! The prek teacher is good and if he is already enrolled there he will automatically have a spot in Prek I believe. They went above and beyond for Pre-k they took several field trips that they paid for when my other daughter was in Pre-k they took two field trips one to a pumpkin farm and then to the school. At Children's palace they went to the Pumpkin Farm, School, fire Station, Zoo and the Aquarium. In my opinion you can't find a better place! The staff up front was always nice and the owner is so sweet. I had my o
  7. how can you tell who gave you the positive or negatives?
  8. Check with Gamestop, they announced on the TV that they were buying used I phones, pads etc
  9. West Atlanta Pediatrics hands down! Kiddos absolutely LOVE Chad!! They like Dr Young also but not so much Dr Carter. I think they have added another person who is a female Katie I think. Staff is wonderful! You won't be disappointed!
  10. I totally think you look like Christie Clark.
  11. I have to ask what did Aunt Eunice tell her to name her?
  12. Congrats! My triplets were born that day. Love the name!
  13. lol I will have to see if I can get you one or maybe someone else can before I can.
  14. Still here, he is right there by I think it is the Masonic Lodge.
  15. Mine was when I was in 4th grade I was in the hospital for a kidney infection and I remember Santa coming by I got an electronic computer, a huge doll with a porcelain face, and this table ornament that had a tree on it and a star that would slide up and down a pole, it had Garfield and Odie on it. I got released the day of Christmas my sisters and everyone had to wait on me to get home before they could open the gifts. I got a purple radio and guitar that year.
  16. I wanted to do the bass pro shop but I got 2 sets of the AMC movie tickets. YAY!!
  17. All these sound good! I really want to do a movie theme and have like a concession stand with popcorn and candy and show some movie. I could do a Christmas Theme Movie and then have theme decorate the stocking! Or maybe an ornament?
  18. I have rented our fellowship hall for my daughter's 8th Birthday Party. I need suggestions on things to do for the party to make it fun. Its in December so it will be cold outside so everything will have to be done inside and be for either boy or girl being as she is inviting kids from her class. Please help!!
  19. Can you list what the coupons are for?
  20. Is this the same lady everyone was posting about before?
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