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  1. How old is the child? I had a neighbor that was trying to get custody of his child and was dealing with DFACS and they said since 2000 something that the hospitals has started doing legitimazations (sp) when they are born for this reason. So it may be worth him contacting the hospital. And I know for a fact that this was done in his case cause I saw the paper from the hospital that said he was the legitimate father and it saved him some major money.
  2. HAHAHA I have that feature on my van stopped at Target one day and left them in the ignition and it kept going ding ding ding ding and I wasn't ready to get out yet so I pulled the key out ever so lightly to make it quit dinging and then when I got ready to get out I hit the lock button on the door and got all the kids out shut all the doors and said oh crap I just locked the keys in the car....LOL...I guess there is a reason for that dinging noise.....LOL
  3. Yeah I couldn't imagine!!! Jaycee said she is trying to shield them the best way she knows how and keep them out of the public eye
  4. She referred to him as their dad several times. And Dianne Sawyer questioned her about it and she said that he was their father and they knew him and saw some of the strange things he did. She said they knew who he was. The kids are 15 and 18
  5. There were two dogs that would lay in the road and wouldn't move for nothing I am so surprised that they didn't get killed cause it was in the curve of the road.
  6. It's a cat I can't say for sure it isn't being fed but I know it scrounges through the trash ALL the time
  7. I have a chihuahua on this side of the neighborhood and then there is also a houndlooking dog and a cat that LOVES to get in the trash and take it everywhere cause it's owner won't feed it.
  8. Is this a chiuhua? (i know that is misspelled!)


    I told hubby the other night do you hear the symphony?....LOL
  10. The wind is a blowing here in Southern Trace.
  11. I think Dallas Tire can (770) 443-0434 they are open M-F.
  12. I used it and ate correctly kept my calories under 1200 like the Dr said but once you stop it you gain it all back
  13. Hubby and his Dad went to Lindsey Lake this weekend and caught 16 bream and 1 catfish off night crawlers.
  14. Yes this was my 3rd...lol...will try again tomorrow!!
  15. That's awesome!! My hubby loves to fish and I showed him your picture he was jealous...LOL...He has a little jon boat but he hasn't ever caught something like that.
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