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  1. I hear ya, and i agree with you. But since my daughter is only 5 thankfully i don't have to break her little heart yet. Lol.
  2. I'm not sure theft protection is the right words. But my cousins daughter is going on a church trip to florida in July and she is concerned it could get stolen. I know the simple answer, don't let her take it. That's not the one i want to hear I know there is a software you can install on your computer so that if it gets stolen you can turn it on from your home computer and it turns the video on without notifying the thief and will take stills of the persons face. Does anyone know what it is? Also, if she wants to randomly check to see what she's done on it, is there something she can
  3. I'm not able to get financed for stuff either, that's why i love the credit union. They always do their best to assist me and i don't know all the technicalities but i know they have approved me more than once when a bank wouldn't. Worth a try. I hear that Family Savings credit union is a good one too. Maybe she could atleast call them and get an idea of if they could help.
  4. Maybe have her sign up through a credit union and take out a small personal loan or a car loan. She could have a little more to buy a car outright and her payments would be manageable. I have been with membersfirst for about 10 years and love them. I've had a car loan through them as well. First hand experience.
  5. My daughter is 5 and my nephew is 4 and i would like to try to be smart about college and go ahead and start a college fund early. How do i go about this? I see advertisements all the time for a few dollars a month that "guarantee" the funds to be safe and available, etc. But i know NOTHING about this kind of stuff so any advice you guys can offer would be great. Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure why but i still can't see them from my phone. I will try when i get home.
  7. I think this may be exactly what i need. I feel bloated ALL the time. I'm going to have to try this.
  8. Are probiotics a vitamin that can be found at any drug store?
  9. "You people"? That's a bit much don't you think? And having facebook does not make life "Easy" by any means. Social media, toys, theatres and anything else that could fall in the entertainment bucket has nothing to do with whether or not life is easy.
  10. Did anyone have that moment that they talk about where you hit 30 and everything just changes. Like you all of a sudden KNOW if you are doing what you want to be doing, or you know exactly what to change to get there.
  11. I was watching One Tree Hill, i never watched it when it first started so i'm on season 4. I love the "thoughts" from the cast in the beginning and end of the episodes. Anyways, one of them got me thinking. I am 29, will be 30 in September, and I feel much older. Everyone always says "29 is still so young, you should be out having fun!". I do have a child, and a boyfriend i've been with for 7 years. I just feel like I am "settled" and even though it's not necessarily what i want, i feel like it's where I should be. Idk if that makes any sense. But I wanted to ask PCOM where they were at 29
  12. I remember hearing this story before too.
  13. Thank you Trixie's Treasures! I spoke with the lady that is the head of the Learning Bridge system. She is the gym teacher there...apparently there are 2, she referred to herself as the "short P.E teacher". Lol. But she was very sweet and as someone said above she said most of the caretakers are teachers so I do like that. She said they help them with their homework too so that's great!
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