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  1. Guard Dad, that's exactly what happened in my mom's family. My aunt was born premature, and the black cotton pickers took care of her and fed her pot liquor and goat's milk. She survived and was the most fiesty person i have ever known! They weren't from Hopewell or Crabapple, GA were they? Might be the same person.
  2. That's funny! We always called them cornfield dumplings!
  3. I heard they are NOT putting a Krispy Kreme in the old Arby's in Dallas.
  4. Same here. 6:47 and still no trash pickup.. I have called them all day and never get an answer. Kind of getting fed up with their service. I'm thinking about switching because I have never gotten an answer when I call.
  5. Hiram Sudie Road going down the hill to the red light at 61 is slick. All of Cole Lake Rd is slick.
  6. Please keep her in your prayers! I talked to Dr. Penney yesterday and he said she is still in pain, so hopefully this surgery will relieve some of the pain. He said this could potentially be one of a few surgeries.
  7. Mine was when I was pregnant with my son. I developed pre-eclampsia in my 4th month, which is highly unusual. My blood pressure was 220/180, stroke or coma level. I was admitted to the hospital, and was told that either me, or my baby, or possibly both, could die. I was told to get my affairs in order because I had a 3 year old that needed to be taken care of. My life, from then til delivery a month later at just 23 weeks pregnant consisted of trusting God to make things right. I have never felt so close to God as I did at that time. It really put things in perspective. I now rely o
  8. Just wondering if she has checked in. I had forgotten about it being today until I went to Dr. Penney and saw the note where he is closed today for the surgery.
  9. Gun shows will start up in January. I bought an AR-15 at one in Cartersville last year and I am very happy with it. It looks like a bad-a$$ weapon already and came with 4 magazines and a nice carrying case. The total price was right under $1500.00. They are set up to do a background check while you wait. Took all of 10 minutes,
  10. My nephew's wife is from Brazil and she always cooks them like you were talking about, along with boiled quail eggs. Delish!!!!
  11. If you can't count back change you don't need $15.00 an hour. You need to quit your job and listen in school!
  12. I would wear the shoes you are talking about with leggings that stop at the ankle-cute, cute, cute!!! But, I would have my toenails painted and no visible dry skin on my feet.
  13. I totally agree, but the stupid law doesn't!
  14. This just happened to a friend of a friend of ours at Best Buy In Kennesaw over the weekend. It was a group of 3 black guys, and one punched the person, but didn't knock him out. The person hit the black guy back and got him on the ground and found out it was a kid. His wife called the police while the guy held the kid down. When the police got there, they arrested the kid and the guy that was punched because he hit a minor. Now, this person has to hire a lawyer and spend his own money to get out of this situation.
  15. Unless it's really bad like what LPPT has, I would start off with the chiropractor. When I have sciatica I get an adjustment and it is instant relief. Same with lower back pain. I would not start the medicine until I exhausted all natural healing, because it will be a never ending cycle. Chiropractic works for me. Also, my sciatica was worse when I was pregnant, and the chiropractor helped every time. I do not take any medicine for that kind of pain.
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