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  1. WELCOME Beach_comber stillacanesfsan jhonsnow asnjcorp We "U" and We need YOU! Welcome and Enjoy!
  2. "Here is the "Y" behind the WHY" Because it is the RIGHT thing to do. John15:12 If you or you LOVED one would like a FREE Mask (anywhere in the CONTINENTAL United States)Acts1:8 Just send us their Name, Complete mailing address and a contact phone number it would be our pleasure to promptly mail them a mask. WE Truly LOVE "U" and WE Need "U" Matthew 22:39 Blessings over your Family. Cc We Are a Family of Brothers and Sisters ALL Playing in The Same Playgroung is the reason for "US" Giving Away.
  3. It twas not I... it was the OLDSCHOOLSLEUTH Cross My you know the rest of the SONG...
  4. Brother NarkDavid... OldSchoolSleuth is on it! I sent them this PHOTOGRAPH... (STBY) have to counterswitch devises... I should be back to post ARTWORK in 10 They say PEOPLE enter and NEVER are seen again!
  5. Good Morning Mike! Today is Sunday Morning... glad you got it taken care of. That was nice of Image Pro Signs! Thank You for sharing! Cc
  6. Can You Help Feed a Family and Share the Gospel at the same time? Cc
  7. Stiff--- just saw this... if you have the time PLEASE share what you find out MY Friend... Pray all is well with you and your Family during this MESS called COVID-19 Blessings, Cc
  8. interesting.... I'm not into watching stuff like that but if you could SINGLE out story by story with VIDEO a great place for it would be to streamline our site...would probably fit with paulding and beyond forum? yegh? https://futurism.com/the-byte/nasa-mars-curiosity-rover-road-trip
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