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  1. GG, you rock! Thank you for the post... I must admit, my website is sorely in need of updating. I've been busy at the store & and am behind. I do make jewelry - the shop has tees, cute hats, hot flash nightwear, skincare & other items. I will make a concerted effort to post pix of my inventory. Thanks for taking a look! Anita
  2. Thanks for all these suggestions everyone - I woke up in a Zyrtec fog this morning, slept well but started sneezing the minute I got up. I might try the Allegra or Claritin before bed... Benadryl puts me out. Shots are not out of the question... I've thought about that (a lot lately)
  3. Hmmm... I did not know that - I took Zirtec today for the first time and can't keep my eyes open. Most meds affect me this way. Maybe I should try Claritin again for a length of time... Thanks GGR!
  4. This has been going on since first of October - really bad when the wind blows, which has been a lot lately. I've tried Claritin, Zirtec, Equate Daytime, neti pot - I need some suggestions please...
  5. I drove off from the gas station this morning with the hose still in my gas tank... At least I can put some of the blame on the full moon, but I really think I just need a vacation
  6. You go Da'Rae!! I know you're so proud Tona!
  7. There are several markets in the area... And they do feature seasonal produce. You might try the one on Fridays at 92 & 120, 3-7. I would suggest going early... The same group (different vendors) sets up on Tuesdays in Hiram at the park on 92, 3-7.
  8. Thank you for sharing - a wonderful story!! Funny where life takes us sometimes...
  9. Fox 5 News just showed this picture... Said "if it looks like one, acts like one, it is one" even tho there are no official reports
  10. I don't think there were any injuries... Just damage. Lots of folks walking around -
  11. Let's see if these pictures show up...
  12. We just talked to a policeman - they have a tornado on tape. Skipped over McDonalds & cut into the village... We didnt see any houses destroyed, just garages, out buildings, etc. Will try to post some pics
  13. We just drove thru & were shocked... Huge trees down with roots showing - the Village was really a mess. Folks walking around in a daze - porches destroyed, backyards a mess. Police & fire out everywhere -
  14. Actually... Planking rules are "face down, arms by your side with fingers extended, & toes pointed" - not many rules... Holding the pose long enough for a snapshot -
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