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  1. I do not believe that Gene's is still in business.
  2. Does anyone know what is being built beside Scoggins Middle School on Mulberry Rock Rd? I know years ago they talked about building an elementary school there, but I was not sure if that is what they are building.
  3. Little confused by this article and the way that people throw around the term "assault rifle". At the beginning it said that the gunman had an assault rife, but at the end of the article, it stated that he had two handguns. There is a big difference in a rifle and a handgun. So sorry that this happened.
  4. Been a Bama fan for over 30 years, still love my team. I thought from the beginning of this season, that something seemed off with the team. So proud that they made it as far as they did. Definitely not a bandwagon jumper, but can assure you that there are a bunch of them. All I can say is ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
  5. This is definitely not a firehouse. I know where that is, but this is much further down Mulberry Rock Rd. They clear cut this property 2 or 3 years ago and it is a lot of acreage. I could see that it would be a park, just thought that building a house there would be kind of weird.
  6. Well it kind of looks like a house just by looking at the concrete that has been poured, but to me it is a strange place to build a house. It is also really close to the road. I think that the park was going in actually on Billy Bullock somewhere.
  7. I noticed on Mulberry Rock Rd right around where it meets Billy Bullock, there is some type of construction going on. Anyone know what is being built?
  8. Several years ago I turned funny picking something up. After a day or so, my hip started hurting and, like you, my toes would tingle and feel numb. Someone suggested to go to her chiropractor and I did that for a couple of months. Maybe I am just different, but chiropractic did nothing for me. It seemingly got worse to the point of barely being able to mash the gas pedal. I had a herniated disc in my lower back. I did end up going to an orthopedist and received injections for the pain and also did physical therapy. I went through this treatment a couple of times, but it still was not getting better. After about two years of living with this intense pain and trying to work, I went to Georgia Bone and Joint in Cartersville and saw Dr. Cha. After trying physical therapy again, I ended up having to have back surgery. They shaved off the bulging part of the disc to relieve the nerve pressure. I won't say that I am completely pain free, but it is 99 times better than it was. I am one that had multiple issues with my back; I had the bulging disc, one of my vertebrae had been cracked at some point, and I also have 4 vertebrae that have absolutely no discs left in them, not to mention arthritis all in my back. Dr. Cha told me that I have the spine of a smoker even though I have never smoked.
  9. Anyone know where I can get some? Mom wants some to put up for the winter. We need a good bit.
  10. Another thing to consider is if he had just fed the child and he is almost two years old, I am sure that the child had not fallen asleep in that short drive. I know as a mom, a two year old would have been jabbering or talking the whole time between Chik fil A and work. I just don't see him fogetting that the child was there.
  11. I truly hate it when people play the race card TP! I also find it offensive that you lump people into a certain category just because they are from Alabama. My husband is from there and most of his family still lives there. They are not racists, cross burners or a lynch mob and this is not the 50's or 60's as was your scenario I am guessing. This was probably just a drunk/high POS behind the wheel of a car and this lady unfortunately got in his way. He may have stopped to get gas (or more alcohol) on his way to Atlanta. Since he was seemingly in a heightened state of emotion, he may have already had words with this girlfriend he was trying to go see and this poor lady was slowing him down. I get angry or upset with people almost daily and it never has anything to do with what race they are; just whatever they happen to be doing to piss me off at the time.
  12. I don't think that I believe in Bigfoot or the other animal or animal-like creatures that you mentioned. On the other hand, I do believe in the paranormal to a certain degree. I love to watch all the paranormal shows on tv and would love the opportunity to be with investigators as they tour a property. Some things have happened to my family since my father passed a year and a half ago and I would love to believe that was his way of letting us know that he is still watching over us. The day he passed away I was staying with mom. While I was trying to sleep on the couch that night one of the dogs toys started going off by itself. I just smiled and said ok Dad I know you are here. One day my mom was having a hard time and missing him greatly. She was watching tv and she said all of the sudden the tv went off and the printer on her desk just started going off by itself. It didn't print anything but mom said dad never did learn how to use the computer. I asked her if she lost power and she said no. My mom would often find pennies laying around in places where they weren't before. When she found dimes one day, someone told her that meant that he was moving on. That really upset her because she wants to know that he is still watching over her everyday. I am a Christian and I hope that the Lord gives us an opportunity to say goodbye to those we love especially if we are taken unexpectedly like my dad.
  13. Yes it was directly behind the Irish Bred Pub. We will try either Plates or Little Hawaiian next time.
  14. My husband and I went to downtown Carrollton last night because we wanted something new for dinner. OMG, what a great place. There were all of these wonderful cafes/restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating and they even had a live band playing music behind the restaurant that we ate at (great music, Journey cover band). If our county wants to bring in money while employing people, they need to visit downtown Carrollton. Lots of folks milling about and just enjoying the evening. It is a shame that our downtown areas are so terrible! Hiram is a cluster to try to get to and eat. We eat at one restaurant in Hiram and any other time we go there, it is not by choice; we mainly eat in Villa Rica. Bravo Carrollton, we will definitely be back soon!!
  15. I do remember when this was around and they had a big show in the Omni when it first opened.
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