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  1. http://www.wix.com/gotchalookngood/gotchalookngood
  2. So sad, hope she is found alive and okay.
  3. Is there an over forties singles group in Paulding county? Happy Holidays!
  4. Hi everyone Is there a singles group in Paulding County. Someone gave me a phone number a while back, and no one ever answered it, so I guess it doesn't exist anymore. So here I am to try again. Appreciate any information provided. Thank you
  5. Hello Everyone, I am looking for an independent photographer for face shots, and pictures with numerous clothing changes and different hair styles. Perhaps someone with a photo hobby with a great camera, that takes great pictures. Can't afford expensive photo shots. Please reply to email in profile. Thank you so much
  6. Thanks you, could you give me some directions. Havent' heard of this before, "The Georgia".
  7. Hello, I didn't have time to go to alot of yard sales this summer! I love to get my clothes and shoes at sales. Does anyone have these items they would like to get rid of, or sell for a small fee? Cowboy boots size 7-8 dresses sizes differ according to make 8-12 blouses- size med pale solid colors no white no stripes blazers size 10-12 again depends on make western shirts size med cowboy hat Thank you!
  8. Where is a good place to go swimming in Hiram?
  9. I have a Bachelors Degree of Science in Technology and a minor in Business. I am looking for an entry level position in either clerical, or information technology. I'm also thinking about going back to college, what do you think would be the best classes to take in today's economy? Thanks for your time and input. Shirley
  10. This looks so great! I'm going to call and make an appointment for my car right away!
  11. Good Morning, Where is a job center for paulding county? As I have been searching for employment for a while, I thought trying this avenue might help. But I can't locate a job center, so I thought I would post here, where you all know the information I need. Thank you,
  12. :angry2: So sad, I'm sorry it happened.
  13. You will do a great job!! No worries!!! Luck is in your pocket. I too am looking for it work.
  14. I moved here from Ohio October 1, 2009, I lived in Ohio my entire life
  15. Did you see in the Paulding Neighbor how our jobless rate rises to record high? I just moved here to find work from Ohio!!!!
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