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  1. I don't know Surepip and Mrs Surepip...but I have been following the story. This literally breaks my heart for them! I can't imagine someone coming into my home and taking all my belongings out This is a SAD and DISGUSTING day and all those involved within the County gooberment should have to suffer the same fate!
  2. I was there and didn't take offense at all. I'm sure the athletes didn't either. It was a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs! My athlete earned her medal and scored some rocking hair and tattoo face paint!
  3. Thank you for posting this information LR
  4. Bruno Mars did great! RHCP sucked hairy monkey balls.
  5. Anyone know if Hwy 92 South is open From Due West Road to Hwy 120E?
  6. If you smell something fishy...then you need to wash your twat.
  7. My mom and uncle both died from the severely aggressive type. Both were quads and bedridden. I'm sorry for her diagnosis and that I don't have anything positive to say about quality of life living with MS because neither one of them had any. It was a miserable existence from diagnosis around age 30ish until death.
  8. Holy Blast from the past Batman!!
  9. My personal favorites runt - ruined ov-ar - over there axe - ask and my all time favorite..... fer shizzle -- I completely agree with the words that just came out of your mouth :rofl:
  10. MANDATORY aerial spraying of prozac
  11. Geesh! Makes me grateful for my 5 pecan trees in my yard
  12. I opened my back door apparently at the same time the gust of wind happened...because my door pushed against me knocking me backwards...I really thought someone was pushing in the door from the outside! My dog started barking and ran to the door....it was just a gust of wind...really startled me!
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