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  1. Just "people" in general keep me from going shopping. Most are rude, nasty and inconsiderate and I am ready to snap them before I can get home!
  2. I do not have to lower myself to your standards. For the most part--I had good bosses that I worked with and they NEVER expected me to do anything except my job. It is a very busy, stressful job in most law offices.
  3. I literally laugh any time I hear this. Do you have any idea how many times I saw something like this when I was a bankruptcy paralegal? It happens all the time. Nothing new here. You folks make it sound like he is the only person in the world to ever do this! Get real. It's not a damn bit worse than all the debt Ms. Abrams has. Tit for tat.
  4. Him??? Aretha has been dead for over 2 weeks now!! I would be damned afraid that body would be popping up in that casket!! LOL Sorry, but anything death related just creeps me out and 2 weeks in a casket???? Way too long!
  5. Middle school is usually more teacher specific so you would get at open house of the first few days of school. It is not too bad for middle school, maybe just a certain kind of notebook, folder, etc.
  6. Well, from the menu that the biscuit place posted on FB--they will not last long due to their prices.
  7. I already pay $88 total for my Uverse internet only. Highest speed, blah , blah, blah. I need the higher speed since I work from home. Plus I use a streaming cable service and only pay $5 a month per TV. All the channels, including movie channels, Canadian, sports, etc.
  8. WellStar Medical Specialists 770-422-2004   Sadeka Shahani, MD Next to Kennestone, very friendly, will actually sit and take the time to talk to you.
  9. Looks like he finally turned himself in and was in and out in less than 8 hours. Not sure I agree with the charges, but I am sure there is a possibility of more charges later. For a kid to be in critical condition, I would just think there would be more severe charges. I was told that the kid lost an eye, and I am sure that is just the beginning of his medical problems. FALSE REPORT OF CRIME / 1 / $1,100.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION POINTING GUN AT ANOTHER / 1 / $3,500.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION RECKLESS CONDUCT / 1 / $3,300.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION
  10. Marietta Eye Clinic if you have any sort of eye issues, If not, I love the Dr. at America's Best in Kennesaw. Only the Kennesaw location though.
  11. Not related, but true story. We once had a client that was a former paralegal/assistant to one of the retired partners from that firm. Even after he retired, the firm kept her to handle things on behalf of him. She also had access to his personal accounts etc. The lady got fired for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from this old man. He had since died and his kids found out when going through his stuff. She is now doing time in federal prison--since she wrote checks off his account and sent them through the mail to pay her bills. It was a very interesting case and even though we wer
  12. Don't know if they still do, but flying over south Paulding area used to be in the flight path from Dobbins. They used to fly just about everything over my house on the way to Alabama for maneuvers--C5's included.
  13. I think they should block Hart Road from coming out on 61. Those folks sit there forever waiting to pull out towards Dallas--and then they wind up pulling out in front of somebody. It would probably be just as quick to go around and come out at the red light!
  14. Then why don't you go ride around on a CCT bus for a few days? Go sit at the bus stop on the loop or even behind Cumberland Mall or down Austell Road or even South Cobb Drive. Bet you would change your mind real quick.
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