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  1. UP was awesome. It was a cute movie had a great meaning to it.
  2. Did you get the charge kit with the wireless controller? If not you will need to buy that otherwise you will be buying a TON of batteries. It will have a cord to plug into the xbox to charge it and keep it charged but does not have to always be plugged in to the xbox to use it.
  3. one address is for his dad and one is for his mom
  4. I looked at a interview he did and he received a glass angel and he said it was his favorite gift because it was an angel and he was going to be an angel in heaven soon. He is so brave.
  5. here is an article on him and it has a link to his care page that his mom updates with his progress. http://www.zimbio.com/Noah+Biorkman/articles/bJCw9GM08Eq/Noah+Biorkman+Dying+5+Year+Old+Gets+Early
  6. I had a friend bring it into perspective for me. She said when Jesus was born he only received 3 gifts and he was thankful for that. The reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I have lost that over the past couple of years. I have bought my kids so much and they aren't thankful for it. I am taking the approach that my friend told me about, my kids aren't better then Jesus and I am going to make sure that we truly remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. When I was younger my dad would sit us down and ask us why do we celebrate Christmas and we would always answer the
  7. I have watched it since it first aired. I love it. I hate when I miss it.
  8. I think the one where the guy proposed was so sweet!!!!
  9. When I brought up the link there were about 30 pics which one is her?
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