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  1. I was just outside walking our dogs and I noticed a helicopter with a powerful search light circling the area around our neighborhood (I'm on Dabbs Bridge Road about a mile or two east of NP Highschool). They did five or six passes and then continued off to the East. Just thought it was strange. Has anyone been listening to the scanner?
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    Did anyone

    I mean, if I had 2,350,000 in debt, I don't think I would be running for public office in the first place! I think I would be on a far far away island sipping a pina colada and keeping myself on the DL!
  3. An this is the exact reason I like living in the south... we are always here to lend a hand...
  4. I have a "Debby" at work... but luckily I only work with her one day a week! I just try to ignore the negativity, which of course drives her nuts. Misery loves company!
  5. Just for the record the "pouring boiling hot water on the mound" method does not work... they just thought I was throwing them a hot tub party.
  6. We do these things: Coupons: www.southernsavers.com helps me save 50 - 80% on our grocery bill every week. For two adults we spend around $100 - $150 a month on all groceries and household goods. Eating out: We try to limit going out (we can make something just as good at home) but I always check restaurant.com, Groupon, LivingSocial, ect for any discounts. Electricity: Energy-efficient bulbs in our most-used lights, and we only use those lights when necessary and turn them off when we leave a room(!!) Same goes with electronics. Our electronics are on a surge protector so we can
  7. We saw this one in the Emerson/Cartersville area around 4pm or so... Black with no markings, hovering over a field like it was looking at something. Really strange. And it wasn't one of the really loud black choppers that sometimes commute through our area, this one was almost silent!!
  8. We live in this area and our cell reception has gone from great to HORRIBLE in the last month or two. I cannot even make a two minute phone call without it dropping the call (even when standing outside!!) So frustrating! I called AT&T and they said they "didn't have any maintenance projects going on in the area" and basically it was my iPhone. Funny how my husband's iPhone also has no reception too. Coincidence? Yeah, doubt it is a neighborhood... I would really be surprised if a builder would want to start a new project where there are already four other incomplete neighborho
  9. I babysit for a few families in my neighborhood and most pay between $12-15/hr for two children. Not sure what the "weekly rate" is for childcare, but having a qualified individual in your own home dedicated to just YOUR child(ren) is going to be priced way different than a place that takes in dozens of kids at the same time. It's not really comparing apples to apples.
  10. Reminds me of a funny story when my husband was a toddler... Their family went to NYC for Thanksgiving and went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. He saw the Woody Woodpecker balloon and started screaming "MAMA!! WOODY PECKER!! WOODY PECKER!!!!! WOOOOODY PECKERRRRR!!!" My MIL said she had never been so embarrassed in her whole entire life.
  11. Maybe they forgot how to pronounce it? :rofl: I know, I know... Bad taste... ;-) I swear I have verbal dyslexia sometimes... At Publix I was trying to tell my husband to go get some meat and cheese (for sandwiches), but instead it came out "cheet and meese"... he looked at me like I grew 18 heads and then proceeded to the deli as instructed. "linoleum" is another one that gets me... it normally comes out as "men-no-le-um"
  12. We went in September for a wedding and stayed at the Crown Plaza Resort. Nice grounds (hammocks everywhere!) and right on the beach. Wish we could have stayed longer than a weekend!
  13. Kmart has never been on my list of places I willingly shop at. It reminds me of a BigLots on steroids, except the prices are higher. I'm surprised they held on this long, I would have thought this announcement would have been made a decade ago. Unfortunately, those shopping centers will probable sit empty for quite some time before a new big-box store signs the lease, just a minor eyesore for the time being.
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