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  1. if the shot is $1000 I would tough it out and wait till 2014. BUt if you are paid up already go ahead and try it ... I hurt my back in 2008 really bad. The shots did nothing for me...I had 3 over a 9 month period. Finally Physical Therapy and a chiropractor helped...also Biofreeze is my bff. It still hurts every once in awhile but I have a brace I wear under my clothes to help with that too
  2. I have met mu out of pocket this year as well.. no more out of pocket and co pays for me..sad that it is like this but excited that I do not have to pay no more moeny
  3. was it rung up on a target receipt..if so when the receipt came out were other terms and conditions printed out for this device?
  4. they are horrible....beware!!! I sent all my pictures back and got a refund last year.
  5. my hubby cracked his a few months back and it ran over night.... we have full coverage but with a $500 deductible. SO we didn't use the insurance. We called around and got some outrageous quotes before I was told about ABRA. they even came out to us. it was about $250ish You can Google Abra Auto and get contact information or PM me. edited to remove live link to non-commerce member business.
  6. i dislike the game... I told my fb friends yesterday that I would rather my hubby play call of duty than candy crush.. I told him I want him to delete the app... he hasn't yet but we shall see
  7. he is more of a goob than a newb
  8. you gots the gold teef grillz too
  9. and I gotcha there I can rattle on about the strangeness of straidial all night long
  10. he is a spice dealer on the side... He buys them in bulk at sam's instead of blaming it on the alcohol he blames it on the cooking spices HARD CORE THUGGIN
  11. stradial is always straight trippin you know he has thug life tattooed on his knuckles
  12. Heck no.. I miss some folks though. I love having so much at my finger tips. I do plan on coming out there next month to visit
  13. MOst the time we end up eating in between 6 or 7 but sometimes it really depends on the day and what is going on. We have ate earlier and later Tonight I will have a snack about 6 because we have dinner plans at 9:30 ugh!!!!!
  14. I am not a Martins fan...I don't understand all the hype
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