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  1. After 32 years of marriage, my husband has decided to call it quits? I am not sure how to start over again? I am 58 years old, haven't worked outside our home in 16 years. Does anyone know of an affordable small home or basement apartment for rent in the Paulding area? Has anyone else gone through this, just wonder where you start? Thanks
  2. Could I PLEASE have the Band Booster Pres. Name ans number, I have left three messages and have not had my calls returned from the band director? Thanks, Joy
  3. It was an AWESOME card, the lady I got mine from last year, said her son had sold them for 4 years! Unfortunately he has now graduated and I HAVE to find a new source! There has got to be someone out there! If anyone hears of someone please let me know! Thanks
  4. Paulding County High School Marching Band in the past has sold an AWESOME discount card! If ANYONE knows where I can get some for 2013, PLEASE let me know! Thanks! Nana22 ,
  5. Sure! 770-824-8239! Thanks!
  6. I am in need of a part time baby sitter, 3 days a week! Monday Wednesday and Friday? To pay someone for five days a week, just doesn't make the job worth it. This would be a regular scheduled 3 days a week. I know that I will have to try and find someone and not a business. Hours are 7:30-5:30. Pay? (depending on person). My grandson is only 2 weeks old, and my daugher is not planning on going back to work until around May 1st. We just thought we would start looking in to a sitter. Ridge Rd area. Anyone know of anyone? Thanks so much! Nana22
  7. Thanks everyone, Looks like I might have a better handle on things than I thought............................Working on the prepared freezer meals this week-end,, unless he shows up sooner. It been 8 years since t heir was a baby in the house, guess I'm just getting a little anxious? (Duh!)
  8. I am on baby watch for my new grandson....................I have tried to remember everything we need, but after 8 years I am sure I have forgotten something! What items did you wish you had on hand when your baby came home? .What did you love the most you used? Thanks, Nana22 (Wonder if the Nana to 3 has already been taken?????)
  9. I have been asked to help a young couple out by supplying several casseroles for a new mother that is best rest. My problem is: 1.) Neither one eats onions-I can substitute onion powder. 2.) The husband eats no vegetable other than sweet potatoes and carrots. 3.) I can not use cream of mushroom soup, tomato soup or cream of celery soup 4.) The new mother is breast feeding so nothing to spicy!!!! I wanted to help out but I am at whit's ends. If you have any recipes that fit this category PLEASE help me out! I would like something even if it isn't a casserole that they ca
  10. Zoppy comes to our house Thanksgiving day....................the books says around Thanksgiving time! We have had a BALL with our Grandson (7) and his elf! He asked me the other day when he was coming!!! He may be wise to the "game" but his loves it! Zoppy has been in the cereal box, hanging from the ceiling fan, on the toliet seat .............you name it and he has done it! He jumps out if bed every morning to "find" him. It worth the price and time to watch him find him every morning! My daughter writes a note from Zobby since he can't speak and let my Grandson know he know about
  11. Anyone know what was going on this morning in the Abbington Sub-division located off Baker's Bridge Rd. 5 Police cars, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue about 7:30-I live close and want to know what is going on around me? Anyone? .
  12. Pubby-I came by to renew my membership since I have A LOT of stuff I need to try and get rid of this week-end and wasn't sure where you had move to? Could you please give me a call at Thanks, Nana22
  13. To the customer who turned in my purse at this location around 4pm today, I can not say THANK You enough!!!! I had over 200.00 in cash and that along with all of my credit cards were returned to me!!!! It gives me hope that there are still honest and kind people left in this world. I am glad that some of them eat and work in Hiram!!!! Thank you again! Nana22
  14. Where is the theater across from the avenue??? Is it a regal theater, Carmike????? Not familiar with the area? Thanks, Nana22
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