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  1. I saw that on the sign...thats a lot of chicken
  2. On Southern Savers they are asking everyone to vote for their favorite food bank to get money from the ALL YOU sales. The place that gets the most votes gets money to help their foodbank. I know of atleast 2 here in Dallas that could use our help so let's all vote to help them out and maybe they will get the money. The link is Food Bank
  3. most definately will she sounds amazing!!
  4. She should try out for American Idol!!
  5. We made them at Church for VBS and they called them holey hole.
  6. There is going to be a tent set up at Dallas Tire today with items for sale...Sign said that they have handmade quilts, pillowcase dresses, baby gift items, tutu's and party hats....They will be there from 10-5 ETA not really a "show" since they will be the only ones there.
  7. I am trying to figure out which option is best for me can someone that is an official please message me? Thanks
  8. I'm lost why is he makin fun of Subby did I miss something?
  9. You guys are cracking me up...
  10. I thought it was good but not nearly as good as I thought it was going to be. I heard the Michael Ohr (sp) said that they left so much out and it wasn't really a "true" story
  11. I absolutely cannot stand the quitting smoking commercials. The one with the shark that is attacking the guys arm and all he can do is sit there and say over and over cigarette cigarette cigarette then he takes some nicorette or whatever and notices the shark attacking his arm. This is so dumb I wish they would take them off.
  12. my friend and I will be there not sure what booth it is but we will have everything customized like Quilts, diaper bags, pillowcase dresses, tutu's, birthday party hats, I will find the booth number and let you know for sure. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys.
  13. on my last day as a Senior my mom and I spent the day together....all my classmates were out at the Lake having a party but it meant so much to me that my mom took time out to spend the day with me. We went and ate at IHOP, went shopping she bought me a silver necklace with some dolphin ear rings and then we went to the mall and she got me a Bible and had it engraved. To this day I don't think she knows how much that day meant and still means to me. Even if she didn't buy those things that was the best gift she could of gave me by spending time with me.
  14. Contact MRS G on here she works with Helping Hands.
  15. with the hospital you may qualify for financial assistance though...they will not charge you tonight just tell them you need to talk to someone in finacial aide.
  16. here's how to get there http://paulding.com/forum/index.php?/forum/209-womans-private-forum/ I know the password but I don't think I can give it to you but Lady Raider can
  17. I watched it and that's what I thought. It is a good movie though makes you realize what our soldiers go through.
  18. And who is in the running right now...lol
  19. well they are famous now...the rescue was on Good Morning America this morning so they made the national news
  20. I think I understand either way I did it so hopefully we will win...lol
  21. How do you know how many people add you from a particular person? I am confused.
  22. hmm i will have to try this I have been looking for low cal things to make for dinner
  23. Awesome...I figured I had a few fellow Wolves around here....LOL
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