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  1. I believe you can at the Health Department
  2. This reminds me of the Desperate Housewives Episode where Renee has Thanksgiving Dinner at her house and made all the kids sit outside in the neighbors driveway cause she didn't want kids in her home. My first thought was to take a big giant bubble and place it around your kids so everyone knew how she was being....LOL....but that wouldn't be nice to your best friend. I would explain it to your best friend that the host isn't comfortable with your kids being there that you will make the food and drop it off and will go to the shower in Huntsville. I am sure she will definately understan
  3. This breaks my heart to see I do not know the story behind him. God Bless him and his family I couldn't imagine.
  4. There isn't anything really to do so I was told just to let their stomachs rest after they last threw up for about 30-1 hr and then give small amounts of fluid every 30 min as tolerated and when they can hold the fluid down to start a brat diet of banana's, rice, applesauce and dry toast. Does he have diarrhea also? Mine right now are over the vomiting but they still have the diarrhea but are tolerating fluid and some food.
  5. Welcome to my world I have four of them with it. The first one also started Sat was fine Sunday and Monday and then yesterday started vomiting again. The dr's office and the nurse that I spoke to after hours said this is the worse Stomach virus they have seen in a LONG time.
  6. What is up with him being shaved in one scene and the very next he has his full beard again. But they are driving to NJ when he is shaved and they arrive and he has it back. Did it take them that long to get there?
  7. How do you make the Chocolate Dumplings?
  8. Link is not working would love to see the photos if you can get them to load.
  9. There is a way to do a search on him through facebook and it will let you put in his High school do you guys know that? Or if you know the last city and state he was in?
  10. I don't know how to get you to hear them but I wouldn't use the answering machine until you heard back from them cause they might get recorded over before GE could help you.
  11. Are you looking for state funded Pre-k?
  12. Hey girl contact Children's Palace off Bill Caruth that's where Brianna goes to Pre-k at....do you know how much it would be?
  13. I didn't like this one that much when my daughter went to Pre-k there. I have another daughter in Children's Palace off of Bill Carruth and it is AWESOME!! The director is nice and the teacher's are WONDERFUL.
  14. lol you could always do it at her place....hahahahaha you are cracking me up
  15. LOL I had a rabbit and it wasn't that bad....never had a chick...are you wanting a pony picture? I know the 4-H lady down the street from me has the minature ponies (sp?)....lol
  16. You could always buy your own rabbits and chicks.....lol
  17. They had a flashback show on today from 1996 they all looked so YOUNG and Carly was played by the girl who was Johnny Zaccara's sister can't think of her name right now.
  18. She is my husband's aunt she was a precious lady! We are members at Pine Ridge
  19. LOL I was like where is he at cause it sure isn't snowing here
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