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  1. Folks on Tuesday...Wednesday Zaxby's has .99 meals...Thursday Captain d's has free kids meals....I believe IHOP has a day just not sure when it is
  2. My husband and I are looking for a good doctor. I want one that will sit down and listen to what I am saying and take the time to help me figure out what is wrong. I had the best doctor in Gwinnett when I lived up there last year and not sure that I want to keep driving up there. Can anyone recommend a doctor that they see? Thanks
  3. I know someone who drew up papers themselves got a copy of someone's from the Dallas courthouse they typed it up had the ex sign then they both went to the courthouse anf filed it 30 days later they were divorced. I think it cost like 60 or 80 bucks.
  4. google for discount codes and you will get some money off
  7. yeah weather.com is showing a lot more then what the local stations are wonder who will be right?
  8. By military every bit of extra money he gets for being married to her and all the housing pay is supposed to go to her. The military will stop his extra pay cause that isn't for them at all. She can even sue him in court for repayment of all of it.
  9. When I went to school which was 10 years ago the school calendar would have a day off or snow make up day wrote in it (there were 2 of them). So if we were out for snow we used that day to make it up and if we didn't have snow we were out that day. I don't see any days like that on the calendar for Paulding Co.
  10. This post is so cracking me up...If my mom had done this to me I would of died. But atleast now he knows someone is interested and there aren't that many Lindsay Lohan look alikes in Paulding County so next time you are in Tarjay he will probably know who she is and talk to her. (or atleast we can hope)
  11. It is cost effective I agree with that. I was just wondering if they would really learn anything in that time.
  12. what exactly is 15 minutes a day going to do? Can they really learn that much in 15 minutes?
  13. When I was pregnant with the triplets I lost a lot of weight and they were concerned but they didn't do anything about it. The triplets came out weighing about 4 lbs each
  14. library does check them out the one in villa rica did anyways
  15. My dad just went through two back surgeries and they were horrible I hope he does good.
  16. if you are a colts fan is it because of Peyton, because you live there or just truly think they are a awesome team?
  17. My sister's friend is a Saint's fan and when the Saint's one he put on his FB status that they aren't the AINT'S no more I cracked up.
  18. We are Colts fans in this house. Hubby and FIL are major Colts fans FIL has watched the Colts since they were in Baltimore.
  19. You can put me down for an entry...thanks
  20. You are welcome my hubby frequents it often...lol
  21. I worked for a company and did customer service...they told us that when you receive bad service with a company that the person who is the customer will tell atleast 10 people their problem with said company and then those 10 people would tell 10 people and so on and so on. And that would keep new customer's from buying from said company.....So if I were you I would call Gamestop and tell them they need to make things right because you will make sure that people know how bad they are doing with their customer's. If they are customer oriented and doesn't want to lose business they should work
  22. slaw and ketchup sometimes mustard
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