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  2. I think they had to go to a cheaper software to save money. Seriously surprised they haven't sold the domain and shut down.
  3. I miss Paulding.com! This new format is confusing and people can't figure out how to use it. I almost couldn't find where to start a new topic. I liked the old "tree" structure where new posts appeared on a line with comments and replies on a line below it and replies to those directly below those. And you saw those as soon as you came to the site, none of this "Click here for new activity" stuff. Different forums were easily found. I'm not the only one having trouble by a long shot. Look at how many people have posted "How does this work?" and "Does this thing still work?" and how nobody else
  4. Does anybody know why police were there with it taped off?
  5. That is sad. My condolences to her family.
  6. I haven’t been on in a very long time and I have no idea how this forum works anymore. I simply wanted to share that long term former me,bee, Lucky, has gone on ahead. I’m sur her father was there to greet her. i hope they play Aerosmith in heaven. RIP, Lucky. Cancer sucks. I’m out. I won’t be back. For those that knew her, remember her from her, or didn’t even know her at all. Pray for her son and daughter. They’re having to say goodbye to their mom.
  7. (Paulding County, GA) Paulding Deputies and Detectives made an arrest in a murder that occurred this past weekend on Old Locklear Road which is located in northwest Paulding County. At approximately 11:39 PM on February 5, 2022, Paulding E-911 received a call from individuals located at 258 Old Locklear Road Dallas, GA 30132 reference a female who had just been shot. The complainant initially explained that the female victim had been shot by her brother and that they were both intoxicated. They further advised that bystanders on scene were attempting life saving measures. Once Deputi
  8. Been forever and wondered if anyone still uses this site?
  9. Been forever but just curious if anyone still uses this page/site?
  10. Just looking over old topics and post. used to have fun from this page.
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