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  2. How has everyone been? We are just surviving.
  3. Just called the water dept. Re: no/low water pressure off Hiram Sudie... No idea as to when it'll be repaired. Any one know what happened?
  4. We think it looks like something is going in where PoFolks used to be in Hiram . Does anyone know about this ? THANK YOU ! !
  5. 2021/2022 Dues

  6. Rain doesn't slow us down. that's when the tree trimming, sod laying and the pine straw goes out.blades get changed on Friday nights. I think the rain may hold off till 5pm tomorrow.
  7. I guess it is a happy Sunday for a guy in the grass-cutting business. Yep, it is going to rain for three days, which translates to some fast grass growth and a three-day vacation built in so you can rest up for the onslaught of blades trimming the stalks.
  8. I have an old delapidated camper and I want someone to tear the sides off it. If you want the aluminum you can have it. I cant pay much as I am a senior citizen and live on a fixed income.
  9. Remember there aren’t any restrooms, y’all have a Beautiful and Blessed Day! You may have to tap on the picture to read All of the details.
  10. https://www.veoh.com/watch/v1043537gRS43QXY Caped: I remember this good day
  11. Paulding County CodeRED Weather Warning and Mass Notification System Information In an emergency, citizens must be provided and updated with accurate information. Paulding County’s solution for this need is CodeRED weather warning and mass notification system. CodeRED Weather Warnings automatically deliver advanced notification of severe weather events as soon as a Warning is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS). Once an account is created, CodeRED delivers voice calls, text messages and emails to subscribed users within the direct path of the storm. These messages aim to p
  12. The RCR is being filled from the Etowah river, the pumping station is near the Cartersville Airport. Since it's right after the Allatoona Dam, if the lake is OK to swim in, the treated water supply should be ++ good. Heard rumors that due to the delay in the project (it's over a year behind schedule) and cost overruns, the "temporary" rate increase that was supposed to get them over the construction period will end up being left active.
  13. Y’all don’t forget about the Produce Give Away, tomorrow! It will be hot!! Have a Blessed and Safe Day.
  14. I have just about decided SSL is a racket to charge us more money.
  15. (Paulding County, GA) On Thursday June 3, 2021 at approximately 6:26 PM a 911 call was placed to Paulding E-911 regarding a domestic dispute at 10116 Buchanan Highway Temple, GA 30179. The complainant advised that her and her husband had gotten into a verbal/physical argument that had gotten extremely heated. The argument continued as she and her three children retreated from the home. As the female was leaving the home, the male fired multiple shots at her and the children as they ran up the driveway toward Buchanan Highway (GA SR 120 West). Once the female and the children got to B
  16. Thank you for your reply. Have a good night.
  17. Actually they do regular testing of the water provided from the Cobb-Marietta water authority which is treated by that authority. The new water supply coming on line or maybe it is there, is from our own reservoir up 61 highway with water from I think the Flint River that is pumped into our reservoir and ultimately treated for human consumption. Because of the forests that are the halmark of nwGA, I wouldn't worry about pollution from things like strip mining or the sludge from coal-based electric generating plants. The water supply is actually 'pretty safe' ... but it is monitore
  18. safe to drink or is it also being tested for cancer causing toxins?
  19. (Paulding County, GA) On Wednesday May 5, 2021 at approximately 9:00 AM, Paulding E-911 received a 911 call reference a missing person. The complainant advised that Amanda Lindley (B/F, 36 YOA) had left her home off of Cohran Store Road in southern Paulding County at approximately 3:30 AM headed to work at a convenience store in Douglas County. According to her family, Ms. Lindley never made it to work. Deputies and Detectives began sharing the information on social media as soon as they could in an attempt to locate her. At approximately 4:20 PM Paulding E-911 received ano
  20. Thank You.... I'm around WI-FI today..... Invoice? TTYS Cc Ps. Had to RESET my password to get in to our site.... I will need my email and admin reset to (you you call me later possible make it a certain Password)
  21. Actually, the alerts should have been gone about a half-hour after I posted this. The folks at the server place were able to get to it pronto, once I asked.
  22. You probably got a notice that pcom is 'unsafe'. BS. Our 'paid for' SSL routine expired and with the new private rules established by google requiring third-party security basically flags us. We've paid for the new 'ssl' certificate and I'm waiting for it to be 'installed.' In that context, it is my bad. It should be resolved by Monday or Tuesday when the folks at the server farm get around to installing it.
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