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  2. Man this place has changed,what have yall done pcom?
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  4. I am very sorry to hear this. Your account at the other place is still there if you want to drop by, still quite a bit of activity there. Message me if you need help getting in. All the best to you.
  5. Immediate openings available for office position(s). Full time office person. ImagePro is currently located in Dallas, Georgia and building a new facility in Hiram, Georgia. Office position job duties will include; receptionist, pulling permits, project managing jobs, scheduling jobs, accounts receivable invoicing, collections, HR duties, DOT compliance and administration duties. Applicant must be a high school graduate or equivalent with good grammar and spelling skills. Applicant must be of good character, reliable, trustworthy. Applicant must be familiar with QuickBooks and fl
  6. Once.. a long time ago.. we were kids..
  7. My account was hacked and lost about 8 years ago, and I found out it caused an issue with someone else pretending to be me. I had some messages from Pubby saved (not on here) and he informed me and reset the account and password and emailed it to me about 5-6 years ago. I haven't thought of this place in forever and wanted to see if it's still here so I found the email.. This is hard to say but I have terminal lung cancer and have 6-24 months left, what a prognosis.. but it depends on when progression starts as I got a NED on first-line chemo/radiotherapy and responded better than
  8. Used paulding.com forever until I moved to Marietta 5 or so years ago to take care of my wife with Dementia at an assisted living near our daughter. NOW I'M BACK and hoped it was the same. Guess not.
  9. I think they had to go to a cheaper software to save money. Seriously surprised they haven't sold the domain and shut down.
  10. I miss Paulding.com! This new format is confusing and people can't figure out how to use it. I almost couldn't find where to start a new topic. I liked the old "tree" structure where new posts appeared on a line with comments and replies on a line below it and replies to those directly below those. And you saw those as soon as you came to the site, none of this "Click here for new activity" stuff. Different forums were easily found. I'm not the only one having trouble by a long shot. Look at how many people have posted "How does this work?" and "Does this thing still work?" and how nobody else
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