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  2. Do people still want the same things. Do they want to speak openly and freely about relevant subjects in their community. P.com allowed that. The lines on the road were quite liberal. People were simply ask to adhere to the barest minimum of civility. This in itself was off-putting to some, that people were allowed to speak to others in that manner. On the other hand because it was the internet and folks were anonymous they felt they should be able to say anything in any way. No matter what you think it was crazy popular and successful. The more constraint the less popular
  3. It comes down to the persistent arguments of politics and religion. It was pervasive and effected every part of the site. There were hardly ever any discussions, there were arguments, many nasty and almost impossible to moderate. My focus was always the news and commerce I felt it was a true service to the community. I have gone back and looked at so many threads and all the fun. Towards the end the persistence of those topics and the destruction they created began to get to me. I likened it to allowing someone yo walk into your home or business and take a dump i
  4. We lost the only source of news in a county that suffers from a lack of news. We lost the only affordable advertising for small business. We lost all the fun and comraderies.
  5. Katy is the one in heart failure. Still as cute and sweet as ever. Maddy the manx cat just walked away one day and never came back. About 2 years ago we lost 5 pets in one year all from old age. I great pyr died of prostate cancer suddenly that year. Not sure about any more. I say that but there was a stray puppy in the garbage on the porch 2 nights ago, emaciated with a shock collar imbedded in his neck. He is a coon dog around 6 months old. I am going to rehome him. He is super well behaved, I just dont want another big dog or a working dog which he is.
  6. I have 2 grands 12 month and 3. 5 chickens, 3 little dogs. Katy is very old. I have a Jack Russel that is full of herself. I have Surepips little dog Daisey. I adopted her when my best friend Surepips widow went through a hard time after he died. Mostly I hang around the house with my dogs and chickens, work in the garden. I have been driving my son around for the last 3 years. that is another story. I am sorry for all your losses, it changes you a person.
  7. My home is quiet except for my kittens running around and pouncing on each other. Putting my book down I decided to come visit old friends but it seems that no one is home! Checking to see who may be here that I have not seen while reading your posts it looks like only guest are online or is this friends that just don't want to be identified? You may already know that Phillip, my husband, or Papa as he was called, passed away in 2020. I thought our home was unbearably quiet when our boys passed but nowadays the silence is a times hard to bare. I have missed the chatter that wa
  8. Your little ones look adorable! September 13 last year I had to help my little companion pass without futher pain. Angelina also had heart failure. I called her Angel. My husband found her at an outdoor market in Breman. My grandson Ashton had passed the previous month from the injuries he received in the car accident that took his brother and uncle the year before. My heart was broken and my arms empty. Angel had been my constant companion since 2009.
  9. One of the best friends I made was Johnny J. We had so much fun. He road shotgun with me to so many things. He went with me to cover a lot of stories. There were a lot of networking events he went to after hours to help. Not many people knew the full extent of what I went through with the Lyme disease. I had it for 10 years. I had serious relapses. It effected my vision, my cognitive abilities and I was often in pain. He would often help me when posting. Sometimes I still to this day can not identify a misspelled word or when I leave out words that would sometimes change the meaning of what I
  10. I made some of the best friendships of my life. I met a lot of awesome people I learned so much I saw so many people helped I learned about my community I had endless hours of fun It was always better than tv I could reach out for laughs, companionship. You could find a lunch buddy in 5 minutes You could avoid a traffic jam I remember hours of jamming to music videos with endless glasses of wine. You could pull together a peep party in days. We had so much fun on here. We did share some tragedies along the way. We lost some
  11. This is what I actually learned about discussing both topics. You are discussing peoples most inner life, often informing them they are wrong or confirming their beliefs. A persons political and religious beliefs are based on their experiences, their lives, every moment of every day. All the terrible things that have happened and the good too. This is where they truly live. These are the controlling entities of their lives. This is a persons very existence in the social structure. No 2 persons experiences are exactly the same, but many are similar. This is why one
  12. This one was pretty deep. Is there a time and a place to discuss both? Would it be only with people you are pretty sure are close to believing as you do? Would it be with family since blood counts. Would it be with people you don't like and therefore don't care about a relationship. Is it ok with people you hate and therefore can hate more. Maybe with people you love and respect and want them to be better informed?
  13. Ahhh peer pressure. Peers are good unless one is being driven into a corral or even worse over a cliff. I remember growing up asking my mother to go with a group to certain things or asking for things they had. She would say no and I would say but everyone is doing it. Her immediate answer was I don't care if everyone is doing it. If they all jump off a bridge are you going to do it too. I have seen a lot of things over the years that groups of kids were doing and seen a few tragically maimed or killed. I have seen a lot of pain from it too. Like when your peers e
  14. I noticed when Mr. Zuckerberg began to try to control the massive amount of misinformation being published on social media there was a great out cry against moderation. Claims of hidden agendas against groups and individuals. People leaving to never return to the evil social media that would not allow them the information they craved, that refused to uphold their beliefs and values. Truthfully Mr. Zuckerberg upholds the belief of the American people in pursuit of wealth above all things. The government interferes with this by objecting to his platform that is 100% pay to play. Meanin
  15. There is however a responsibility to the community. There is a responsibility to humanity. Ukraine is a prime example of the horrors that can be visited upon humans when social media is totally and completely controlled by evil entities. Do you allow social media to freely be used by evil people with total disregard for the safety of humanity. Do you allow people to demand more and more of the entity that influences them towards the destruction of their lives. Is it one responsibility to shut it down. These are the real issues facing social media.
  16. Here we go again with the question of accountability in social media. Zuckerberg finds himself front and center once again. Do you hold people accountable for what they post on social media or social media for what they allow on their platform. After all one is providing a service that allows people to self publish. Social media is not much different than the printing business. You have the equipment to print, to publish and to distribute. Granted it is now done in a few seconds rather than days. I guess it comes down to credibility and desire. Some saw it as a way to simply com
  17. Justification is a slippery slope .We had a neighbor years ago that kept a pristine lawn. I would have coffee from time to time. She had a neighbor on the other side that I barely knew just to wave or smile. She could not stand this neighbor for some reason. Finding fault all the time. She complained to me about the little dog piddling on her lawn turning it yellow. I never saw a spot. She told me she was going to pour something on the neighbors ;awn to make yellow spots on hers. I said that is a little extreme just talk to her. Some time later she started complaining about the dog barking so
  18. Familiarity breeds contempt. I never understood that one when I was young. I never understood it until I was on p.com for a few years. It is why tribalism is full of so many pitfalls. What we do behind the closed door in our home is not just our business, it is where we are comfortable. It is where we build a world of comfort and acceptance. When we communicate with others in that environment we communicate from that place. The place where we make the rules, where we decide what behaviors are acceptable. We post on line many times from our safe place, our soft place, the place we protect
  19. Tribalism, as a last resort there is a stab at tribalism. Like is attracted to like. On the internet you can't see the tribe clearly. What costumes do they wear. What is the color of their hair, their skin? is their an accent to clue you in? How do you identify your tribe on a computer screen. Do you take clues from what they type, do they self identify as friend or foe. Perhaps they can be persuaded to somehow Identify themselves so you can label them if only in your own mind as friend or foe. And then what, you carve out your territory, you control it, you landscape it accordingly. Then what
  20. RIP paulding.com. Man, it was fun back then. I guess my lifetime membership died with the previous owner and maybe some influence from other hateful people that still visit this dismal place. Nothing personal Curt, but I am very disappointed in you. Thanks a pantload NC-17 for reminding me of this place, I will never visit it again....
  21. Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there?

    1. LPPT


      Pwaaaa I don't think so.

  22. What horse, I was musing to myself about the demise of social media. How's the view down there? Surprised to see anyone even bothering to stop by. I suspect that a few might have notifications turned on. They sometimes drop by to say Look we destroyed it come play in our sandbox. Maybe they will pop in with and invitation for you to stroll on the righteous side.
  23. Perhaps some guidance is needed. Not everyone knows how far to take it, not everyone's boundaries are the same. The clue being boundaries will not be tolerated by the special people we would rather have scorched earth than to tolerate boundaries. And scorched earth they created.
  24. In the beginning, there was fun, there was news, and there was opportunity. Forums seemed a good idea, after all we are all different and we like different things. We could talk with others that had similar interest. Some topics were should we say not everyone's cup of tea. We will put those behind a clearly marked curtain in the back. But with all things hidden and murky and dark, dark things were said and done. Well dark things cause dark emotions, dark emotions shared in the sunlight of the common forums. The grudges and anger at the dark characters looked quite dif
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