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  2. Thanks everyone!! He’s still in ICU and his breathing is not good, he still has no strength!!! He is eating better, though. Continue the Prayers, please. Thank You Curtis!! I’m goo though.
  3. Mrs. G Prayers for a full recovery. Please let us know if We can help you in any way. Blessings, Cc
  4. The General is in the ICU with Covid-19 and Pneumonia. They’ve given him Remdesivir, Convalescent Plasma and has him on Steroids to help with his breathing. The steroids raise his sugar therefore, they have to give him insulin. We need all of the Prayers going up for him to fully recover from this horrible virus. He just can’t seem to get his oxygen where it needs to be. He’s on the maximum of oxygen allowed even with forced air. He’s still too weak to even sit up on the side of the bed. Please pray for us!!! He is starting to eat a little, which is a great improvement. He’s not eaten much
  5. Well, legend has it, in a land not so far away, lived a man who had a family, the wife left the guy and left his only child with him. As they grew he got remarried and his ex wife went to jail for shoplifting, leaving him with full custody of his daughter. She was 11 by this time and he thought that she was so beautiful that she must be a princess, so he started to build a castle, halfway through the build, She got sick and died, and the castle never was finished.
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  7. While I do LOVE Animals... I Believe if the SHOE were on the other foot... it would be the SAME Movie... DIFFERENT CHARACTERS! https://www.facebook.com/redtimmy It really blows my mind how the main stream news media is condemning Trump for not conceding. so the goal of this post is to have a calm rational discussion with your fellow neighbor and our Heavenly Father. I wonder who will play and I wonder who will stay away. Blessings to all who read this from the bottom o
  8. https://www.facebook.com/1433457131/videos/pcb.10217837207988559/10217837207588549/
  9. Nothing will happen to Metro. They retain the 9-1-1 Zone for the County.
  10. Hello everyone, our 4H team is holding an archery competition here in Paulding on November 14th. Anyone 5th grade to adults are welcome to register. 2020 Paulding County 4-H Archery Fall 18m outdoor fundraiser shoot Saturday, November 14th Paulding Meadows Rodeo Ring 18 Meter Outdoor / 300 Round $20.00 per shooter. Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/2020Paulding4HArcheryFall Any questions contact Darrin Dickerson, Coach, Paulding County 4-H Archery 678-360-5399
  11. Soooooo, will Metro Atlanta Ambulance be replaced?? Or, what will happen to them?
  12. got a notice this morning that this young man has been found, safe and sound and has been reunited with his family.
  13. they are popping up all over the county -- they are even covering both lanes of the 4-lane 278 near cadillac dr . . . the one on bakers bridge rd has moved to the county line with douglas co
  14. WELCOME Beach_comber stillacanesfsan jhonsnow asnjcorp We "U" and We need YOU! Welcome and Enjoy!
  15. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dallas, Georgia, September 18, 2020 – As Paulding County’s population continues to grow so does demand for Emergency Medical Service. Today, PCFD announced the commission of a new EMS Division, which will focus on meeting the rapidly increasing emergency medical needs of its citizens. Battalion Chief Timothy King, a 25-year veteran of PCFD, and an experienced Paramedic, has been promoted to lead the newly formed Division. Chief King, who assumes his new duties on October 19th, is tasked to enhance Paulding Fire’s medical response capabilities and to improve t
  16. Hope you can make it to the Produce Giveaway!!
  17. Sounds like you are trying to start something. Sounds like you are a keyboard ninja. You must be a snow flake. If you don't like it then you don't have to post. Please go ask your mom for a new video game and go back to the basement.
  18. You are talking about that democrat! Hell no! He supports the democrat party and they are a bunch of godless people. They think it is ok to abort a baby 8 months In they think its ok to support criminals and celebrate them. They think its ok for pedophile people to spend less time in jail than a drug dealer. Democrats are the scum of the earth and have a one way ticket to hell.
  19. We are small business owners wanting to make a positive impact in the Paulding county Community. This site was relaunched to reach more Paulding county on a smaller level not to be censored but keeping it positive. The Golden Rule. I would be glad to come by and introduce myself.
  20. I think you know nothing about Who the “New” Owners really are.
  21. Hello All, I am looking for a virtual assistant to work home. Need to be proficient in excell, word, and e-sign platforms. Will need to sort and filter through large county property excel files, extracting desired properties, Create Word templates, and send and receive e-sign documents. Please call/text 404-271-7945 or email mikefarmer.1@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  22. The "WE" Are Paulding.com team or whatever they call it sounds like the team is made up of old people who probably don't know a thing how PCom works.
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