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  1. Been there, no luck when you can catch them open.
  2. Hey, found my password again. I really need to find a good fishing lake that is wheelchair friendly to take my nephew fishing.
  3. If anyone knows of a lake that is wheelchair friendly besides White Oak please let me know.
  4. Georgia driving law states that your allowed to run over at least two construction workers a year just as long as you don't damage the shovels they are holding.
  5. old hippie


    What can I say......her door bell was broke.
  6. Super Bowl first then later the toilet bowl.
  7. Pot will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no pot.
  8. Sorry I'm late, I just got back from Washington.
  9. I like local intrest stories, I'm so proud of Susie for winning that spelling bee I can't believe she wasn't invited to the White House!
  10. What if you'r single and her husband comes home while your doing her dishes?
  11. The good looking neighbor behind me refuses to buy curtains for her bedroom windows and with a good pair of binoclures I can't help but see her.
  12. When I was in school I belonged to the rifle team. We had .22 cal. rifles we had to take home once a week to clean. They were kept in an open armory where we could check them out and take to our gun range for target shooting any time. This was in the early 70's in Harrison, Tenn. outside Chatt.
  13. Can't bring myself to eat dog meat no matter how good it smells.
  14. Love yalls family!!!!!!!!!! Let's do lunch!
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