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  1. Dang! Somebody REALLY remembers the 'good ol days' very well. Or is this still going on here? Lemme in!
  2. I might not end up in the Hall of Fame with a star on the sidewalk with my name, or a statue in my hometown when I'm gone. No body gonna name their babies after me. I might not go down in history. But I'll go down to the honky-tonk.
  3. we exhaust all personnell, but make serious bank when there's ice and snow. if you don't HAVE to go out and drive in it, don't. if you're stupid enough to try it, i'll take your money!
  4. didn't suck as bad as gravity. saw it in the theatre and was only mildly disappointed.
  5. meh, so if LA knows (knew) what was going on, why didn't Rick have even an inkling when he woke up in the hospital? why did the first band of survivors go to the CDC for answers about how it started? just...lame
  6. i watched the first episode on demand last week. wasn't impressed. may or may not watch the second episode some time this week.... it's quite slow and boring.
  7. is Jalapeno Joes still open in Hiram? i loved that place...
  8. so...they left? ps, these were also the people who tried to be pet trainers or dog watchers or whatever a few years ago. horrible neighbors.
  9. yesterday we met with some pretty amazing people. Dr McLaughlin will be doing the radiation therapy. we meet with him tomorrow to get measured and tattooed. Dr Mayfield will be the thoracic surgeon. we go in monday morning to have MD's chemo port and feeding tube put in. Dr McCune will be doing the chemo. chemo and radiation will start on august 10th. he will have 5 weeks of treatment. MD will rest for 6-8 weeks and let his body heal and immune system replenish, then will have surgery to remove his stomach and esophagus. his stomach will then be reattached to his throat and large intest
  10. Would this happen to be the one on E Paulding Dr that burned a few years back and was then rebuilt?
  11. this is very encouraging news. thank you!
  12. i guess the second opinion will come from the cancer center and the CT & PET scans. the dr we are seeing on wed seems to be a thoracic surgeon. i googled him. not sure where the oncologist will come in to play... also. all imported beers suck. i'm a coors light girl....
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