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  1. across from dabbs bridge rieds plantation
  2. well no power in burnt hickory since 8;30 this morning , this ain't gonna be fun !!!!!!!!!
  3. anybody in the burnt hickory area with a 4x4 I really need help to get my wife home from the Acworth post office , my cell is 404 422 0804 thanks in advance
  4. i thought it was 65.00 thru the end of december .
  5. my buddy at work found out a bunch of benefits of it online , just wondering if anyone her has ever took it or heard of it ?
  6. what time do you have breakfast ready now , i came by there one morning last week about 6:.45 and ya'll said you did'nt have anything ready yet
  7. flour child cakery , how long have you had it ?, you've had no problems with it ?
  8. anybody have the walmart family mobile phone service you can get at walmart that is ran thru t- mobile , any goods or bads or any info ?
  9. i went there this morning and was gonna get some breakfast about 6.45 and they did'nt have anything ready , so maybe when i find out when they have breakfast ready i can try it .
  10. are the black friday sales papers in todays paper ? does anybody know ?
  11. n y gal , thats what i got, how are you thawing yours ?
  12. well used to at night the G was the only thing that showed up the IFT was not lite up at night
  13. anybody seen any black friday deals yet , or any websites showing any deal yet ?
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