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  1. There are a lot of places in Carrolton that rent cheap. It is hard to fin a good place in Paulding to rent under 600. Good luck
  2. Yes this is happening everywhere. My Aunt lives 3 hours from here. Has a job but gets paid very little. Single mother trying to raise her daughter. Applied turned in EVERYTHING. Nothing, Went back said she need this and that she showed them where she had already turned it in and all she got was we have to put it in the computer then the food stamp place has to do there part. So she scaned them again to make sure. Still nothing. Went back up there and was told well you need to turn the paper in. Showed where she did got well I don't know let me go look. Waited 30 mins. came back and was told it
  3. Thank you it's $900 Thank you I'll check it out thanks Ummm yeah couldn't do that. Got it thank you. Also thank you all who Pm me and comment it means a lot
  4. I'm looking to rent a 3/2 house no more then $700 a month please. I also have a dog and 2 cats. I would love to stay in the South Paulding area Because of the school's. But will consider somewhere else. Also will look in Villa Rica. If anyone know of any PLEASE let me know. I kindof need asap. Thanks and God Bless
  5. Yes she is. She is a true Angel My kids wanted me to thank you from the bottom of their hearts <3. Sorry it took so long to get back on pcom. But you are the best. Keep ROCKING!!!
  6. I'm sorry you feel this way. But for us that only have one car that our husband HAS to use to get to work everyday for my little angel's to eat. I'm Very bless that we can have BUSES to pick up my little angle's. I'm happy to send in more when I can. Have you not seen gas prices for the buses to run?, or the price food for my little angle's to eat. So yeah I can see why they as for help. IMO...
  7. I don't want to say i believe but i can say that i have had moments that i felt like i have lived it already. But with different people.
  8. The lady that went out to help her said she looked young im guess she looked young for her age. so idk
  9. My friend lives off there. She posted on FB it happened in front of her house she said a young girl was driving and hit a tree and did not make it
  10. Still makes me cry. WOW What a great person. This is another reason why never judge a book by its cover
  11. Oh Thank you Thank you Thank you.......that took alot off my shoulders. Thank you again
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