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  1. Is anyone else's power out in this area? Tia
  2. Thanks everyone! I called the health dept
  3. Where can one go to get a free or low cost mammogram? Thanks!
  4. What would you like to see open in Yorkville other than a restaurant? What about an auto shop, thrift store, etc? Tia
  5. I can't get that high myself to do it. It's only on the second story and the walls are a different height. I guess I could measure the bottom half length and go from there! ?
  6. Can anyone recommend anyone who does siding? Not just vinyl, but all different kinds. I also need someone who can come out and give me the exact square footage we would need, so I can research on my own. Thanks everyone!
  7. Have you decided to keep her or which home she will be going too? Bless her heart! It's so bad when you know that they are hurting and can't ask you for anything!
  8. For some reason I didn't get it. I know, but I can overlook things like that. I have a child that needs help. So I just ignore those things!
  9. Hi Miss Sophie, You can't receive any new messages. Thank you so much!
  10. I am seeking a place, possibly faith based alcohol/drug addiction and crisis place for my daughter. She has no job or insurance and desperately needs help as soon as possible. She has been through something very traumatic recently and I'm not enough to help her. Please let me know. Thank you all!
  11. Yorkville. Not sure about the roads, but we have trees breaking
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