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  1. It was heard on the east coast. I have relatives in upstate NY and they heard it too . They thought the gas line thats runs through the southern tiers had exploded. Nothing was found. http://www.wbng.com/story/34159618/tioga-county-sheriffs-receive-reports-of-a-possible-explosion
  2. We had Paulding waste for years, till they switch routes with BLD.
  3. jlewi


    Is there anyone that takes old bikes and refurbish them for charity? I have 3 bikes I need to get rid of.
  4. Nascar is racing in Kansas, they had the truck race last night and the Cup race is tonight
  5. Isn't there one on 120 just off 278 by the hospital, going toward Marietta.
  6. How can they not be permissible,my neighbor has one. Maybe you can't leave your dog in your yard all day,but if I want to put one in I will.
  7. Here is wsbtv link. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/deputies-investigate-cause-paulding-fatal-crash/nh4nz/ All I got when I clicked on your link was the Nixle report.
  8. The crew chiefs didn't get suspended, only probation along with the fines.
  9. Or the ones that drive 5 mph under the speed limit and when they come to the school zones, they blow right through them and not even slow down.
  10. jlewi


    Don't they have long lines because people are too lazy to go inside. LOL
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