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  1. 11 Alive was just talking about the damage, from people calling in.
  2. Wow thats to close for comfort. Stay safe.
  3. 200 Images Photography will be doing Easter pictures with a live bunny rabbit. Last year we did pictures with a live bunny rabbit and it was so much fun for the little ones, they were all dressed up in their Easter outfits the setting was a park and the expressions on the kids were great. We will be offering a special for Paulding.com member and commerce members only. Photo sessions with bunny rabbit will be from March 3 through April 7. What will you get with your photo session: 30 minute photo session Location of your choice within 25 miles of Dallas Family portraits Individua
  4. I took my classed at the corporate office. They say that the class is 8 hours but we were done in 6. The class I took was infant/toddler and adult Cpr with first aid with AED total was $110 and good for 3 years. There is a lady in Dallas behind the BP station off of Dallas Hwy that does the classes to but I can't remember the name of it.
  5. Thanks for the info I won't worry, I appreciate it.
  6. Each year we get our credit reports sent to us so that we can look over them. So today my husband was looking over them and WellStar had pulled my credit 3 times. Are insurance companies allowed to pull your credit when you have insurance? I would appreciate any information.
  7. Tide Girl I love it when they sit on Dallas Nebo in the Church parking lot, our house sits on Dallas Nebo and pulling out of our driveway it scary. People do like 70 and its a 45.
  8. This Saturday from 9-2 200 Images Photography will be available for photo sessions. $75 for a Thirty minute session $125 for an hour session Includes a Cd with copyrights released When was the last time you got the generation pictures taken? Pictures with your inlaws, immediate family? Do you have a family member that is really sick? Don't have any missing out of the picture Call January to schedule your appointment 678-476-2263. We will come to your home or meet you at a location ( some restrictions apply)
  9. This SATURDAY ONLY!!!!! Get your family portraits taken and give them to family members as presents, this gift will last all year long, no expiration date. Special price of $30 for a 30 minute session What does it include: CD with copyrights ( you will get the Cd after the photo session) What does copyrights mean: You print your own prints, burn additional Cd, make personal gifts I come to your location, whether we meet in Downtown Dallas, your home, or your location of choice within 10 miles from Dallas/Hiram. Call Januar
  10. What about a photo session? They can have pictures in each of their homes, a half session is $55 and includes a Cd with copyrights relased. I can make you up a really nice gift certificate for you to give to them.
  11. Are you planning on going to the Mall or to stand in a line to get your child's picture taken with Santa Claus? What if you could have Santa come to your home. What do you get when 200 Images Photography and Santa comes to your home/business: Diffferent poses with and without Santa Claus: Single Portraits Sibling Portraits Pet portraits Candid Portraits You can't get this going to the Mall and there is no long lines to wait in. Ask about group and event pricing.
  12. Santa Claus will be coming to town this Saturday from 1-5 by appointment only. Location: 2556 Zachary Woods Drive, Marietta Ga ( in between Dallas Hwy and Burnt Hickory Road). The cost is: $45 Includes a cd with copyrights Bring your family and your pets to get your picture taken with Santa Claus. If you would like for Santa Claus to come to your home appointments are available, pricing starts at $100.00 for 30 minutes invite your friends over and the price starts at $45. Call January to schedule your appointment 678-476-2263 or email me at january@ph
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