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  1. http://dallas-hiram.patch.com/groups/breaking-news/p/girl-lifeflighted-after-struck-by-truck-thursday
  2. I ordered mine from Walmart this year. 25 for $10 plus free shipping.
  3. Well that sucks. I may just have to do that...although the drive may be worth it. lol Do you know what size pic they give you and how much they are at the tree lighting?
  4. Where can I bring my daughter to see you again? You did so great with her last year when she was just a year old. Everyone thought for sure she'd cry, but she didn't! I'm so hoping to be able to bring her to see you again!
  5. Thank God we have a pool....That's where I'll be. Although my husband has declared Saturday family yard work day...should be interesting.
  6. Hell yeah! I can't wait to see channing tatum"s arse! That on fiiiiiinr man right thereM I meant fiiiiine man. Darn phone
  7. LOL It would've been a lot easier...not as fun mind you....but easier. LOL
  8. See, you should've been biting your nails...then there would be a monster. LOL
  9. We got married in our front yard and had the reception at home. I didn't have a traditional wedding dress but a white sundress. I found my daughters' bridesmaid dresses on Ebay, Made my bouquets, did all the decorations, my MIL and mother made baked spaghetti and close friends helped with the food. I rented the buffet containers for the food. We did BYOB or Stock the bar so we didn't have to provide alcohol to everyone. I had over 75 people at my wedding and did it ALL for just under $2000. Pinterest is AWESOME! But they didn't have that 2 years ago. lol
  10. I just found out when i got to work that we built the pool for this family. My boss is devastated, He and his wife will be attending the funeral tomorrow.
  11. This breaks my heart. There are now 6 children who will grow up with mommies in their life...1 dead, 1 in prison. The true victims are the deceased and the children. So sad.
  12. Kingswood Club Estates is an older neighborhood, but a good neighborhood. I personally lived there as did CarolineElizabeth. They have a great, newly renovated salt water swimming pool, newly renovated Pool restroom and the HOA dues are only $250/year. Its in the "south side" so I don't agree with the "stay north" statements. Great place to raise a family. Off Hiram Suide Rd
  13. I've always wanted to do this. Let me talk to Brian. Ours would have to be a girl because we only have 1 girl who's old enough to share a room with. DS is only 8 and dd baby is 19 months. What months are needed? Can we expect home checks? Would we need to get international calling on our cell phones so the student could call home, or are they equipped with phones? Thanks for this information!
  14. That's a GREAT idea! I think we're going to do that for our kids. We'd have to pay the mortgage anyway, so their "rent" money would be bonus cash...to save it for them to use towards their home is a great idea! Thanks!
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