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  1. Gamestop is usually pretty good and exchanging things even after the 30 days have you called them and told them what was going on?
  2. try tobasco sauce on the tounge when they bite that is what we used with my daughter....she hated it all we had to do was threaten her with it
  3. My granny makes the pinto bean pie and she had me taste it it does taste like a pecan pie.
  4. That is true he and your MIL would be mad. The ones you picked out are cute I would of never thought about doing a room in that but they are just so cute.
  5. Just a suggestion my friend makes complete bedding sets (sheets, bumper pad, dust ruffle, blanket for the baby and sheets and quilt for the twins including the window treatments) she could make you pretty much whatever you would need. She can free hand the design and it is hand quilted. I am not sure what her prices are but if you are interested let me know and I will give you her number.
  6. Birdies Wings in Hiram go past movies 278 to the new Racetrac and it is behind it I believe
  7. Nope don't work there but I am good friends with two of the staff members that works upfront. My daughter went to daycare with their kids when they were little. But you are right I am sure he would get some condfidence points. He deserves it.
  8. Too funny...what if he reads this? LMAO
  9. LOL my kids love Chad. If I have to call and get an appointment I always want it with him if at all possible. He is in HIGH demand there.
  10. The nurses and staff upfront are also wonderful.
  11. We use West Atlanta Pediatrics....Chad Stough is the PA there and he is awesome...all the doctors there are...I would recommend them they were great with my premature triplets and when I moved to Gwinnett I couldn't find anyone to live up to their standards. I was SO glad when I moved back to Paulding. 770-505-3162
  12. We went to Sea World a couple of years ago and it was awesome, we really want to go back.
  13. •Chocolate Milk 1/2 Gallon 99¢ •Russet Potatoes 10 lb bag $1.98 •Tombstone Pizza $2.49 •Pringles 99¢
  14. snow cream is the best....lol...pollutants...I guess you just have to not think about it when you eat it.
  15. you could make queso dip--get some velveeta cheese ground beef and salsa melt and mix it in a crock pot and serve with tortilla chips, pigs in a blanket, cocktail weinies in bbq sauce
  16. yes walgreens carries kids sizes
  17. walgreens has the "designer" snuggies...they do not have a back it is more like a blanket with arms and you just wrap it around you. My dad loves his.
  18. That was a brave little girl...I was 30 when my dad had a diabtetic attack and it was scary. I am glad she knew what to do and didn't panic.
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