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  1. Hello everyone! Just dropped in to see what this new Paulding.com is all about.
  2. Powder springs international airport brought all the riff raff with it when they started commercial service.
  3. It's that time of the year again! With a couple of defensive stops I think north has a chance a beating east for only the second time ever. If I wasn't going to be at this game I would without a doubt be at the Mceachern / Buford game at Mceachern!
  4. Blueberries will be end of June/ first of July. The should be plentiful with all of the rain this spring
  5. I do not have a problem with the law and I do not have a problem with someone boycotting a business or state because of the law. my face book feed is full of people bashing the LBGT community for boycotting and calling for protest. One side is mad simply because the other side is mad. How mad is that?
  6. That water is ALWAYS ice cold. Even in the middle of summer!
  7. i am not going unless I have to for work lol
  8. Typical negations. One side ask for heaven and the other side offers hell. They will negotiate back and forth with a ton of posturing and end up somewhere around industry standards.
  9. Good luck finding anything that's still made in America! You know the "company" has rejected six offers also? Typically both sides will sling crazy offers across the table that they know the other side can't and will not agree too. Until the threat of a strike is imminent. Then at the 11th hour they usually come up with a deal.
  10. If we didn't buy so much rubber dog poo from China then it would have zero effect on out economy if the longshore men shut the ports down and never went back. it really bothers me when people get mad about how much money other people make. If you don't like what you are making, change career fields.
  11. Coaching will be the easy part of his job. Paying for his Salary and the field house will prove challenging for the bleacher coaches.
  12. He has 2 state championship rings from his time at Camden county. He was the head coach at another south ga school that hadn't been to the play-offs since the 70's and they made it in 3 years after he took over and his 4th year the team made it to the semi-finals. east will be adopting the Delaware wing t offense.He is a good pick up for east and I hope they win every game except when they play NORTH.
  13. GAME DAY! Go talk with your pads and play with your Hearts!
  14. Norths touch down club membership is 50 bucks
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