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  1. It seems that people do not want to give is my point. They think it is for "revenge"
  2. Libertylady... I do not work "regular" hours I work on Saturday's all day as a matter of fact. I do see points about it being a problem for people who live in the area but really he payed for his land and he should be able to do what he wants on his land that HE payed for. Would you want to be told what to do or not to do with your property? I do not think so and anyone who says they do is a liar.
  3. This thread went way past where I thought it would go. For the record I am very much for the mud bogg, I have noticed that someone said they have to leave there home on the day of the mud bogg?! who is home on a Saturday afternoon anyways? I have not personally been to this event but like I have said before this is and will always be a good thing for the everyone who is involved. All the hater need to get a life!!!!
  4. Broncomels... I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said people do not want to have fun the want to shop to buy ther kids video games so they don't have to watch them. (and yes I went there so go ahead and bash) Old school.... You know for a fact that he did this for revenge??? Why would your wife be scared that's crazy. The people are there to watch a mud bogg not attack your wife.
  5. I swear people are to up tight. This is just something for people to do thats fun. If The drinking is a problem then say no drinking. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you are not supposed to drink there any ways, but people do things they are not supposed to all the time. Let's close bars because people drink and drive home from them to. This is the south this is what we do pay in the mud. If it's so terrible then why do live here, also when they Are building on Job sites the machines get mud all over he road to so what is the difference??? Also I work in a restaurant and we get a ton of people from the mud bogg and they come in with mud all over and make a mess but we suck it up and clean it up it's all in good fun. Please see it for that.
  6. CRAZY


    There is a lady off Dallas nebo who is state certified and she does it in her home. I love her and so do my kids she is teacher them so much.pm me if you want her number
  7. CRAZY


    Thanks so glad to hear he cant take one thing from us lol
  8. Does anyone know if its still gonna be Nov 26Th??? I have heard from several people that our WONDERFUL precedent has banned it the same way he did TAX FREE DAY this year... I have also been receiving the "Toy Catalogs" from most places and the sales end the 24Th?
  9. CRAZY

    Hwy 61

    My bad, I swear, why didn't you just post in the topic instead of making a whole new thread I would have changed it
  10. good for you hope she does.
  11. i agree they made it seem as though she attened the high school, but they do need to do something to make it safer Also glad to hear Nadia is doing good...
  12. in the morn at 6am it will feature the 13 year old who was hit near paulding county high school....i seen the fox5 SUV there this morn about 10 ish
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