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  1. Has anyone ever seen or used this? It interests me so much. It also seems scary. People seem to love them on the reviews, but I admit it does look bizarre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDOJga_mg7A ://www.amazon.com/Inflatable-Learner.../dp/B005XY8U8C
  2. We created this mommy group on fb if anyone wants to join https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/263235493874474/264266940437996/?comment_id=264267967104560&notif_t=group_comment
  3. La Cocina Mexican Restaurant (Food Service Inspections) 457 NATHAN DEAN BLVD SUITE 116 DALLAS, GA 30132 View inspections: December 14, 2012 Score: 99, Grade: A June 19, 2013 Score: 85, Grade: B March 13, 2014 Score: 42, Grade: U March 17, 2014 Score: 91, Grade: A October 29, 2013 Score: 95, Grade: A Everyone has a bad day. I forgive them. I can not live without this palce lol
  4. Sorry. I meant cross roads. Close enough lol I was in a panic
  5. Not sure if anyone see this. But a guy up here said there was shootings who is here. So scary.
  6. What is going on over here with the police?!?! Tarps laying out and police. Nor sure if this was posted bc cant figure out new site from my phone
  7. haha- That is a great plan!
  8. Yeah. I am still crying about it. I was hoping to see that it has been fixed lol This way My friends wont judge me when I still go to eat there. lol
  9. Okay! I will try that then. I was in chrome
  10. So, Is that a No I can not get full version on my phone? Or can I not click it bc I am in full version and it just looks different- Is recent topics button on my phone? I do not see it. THANKS!!!! And more importantly- Where did La cocina topic go? lol
  11. Can I not get the full version from my Phone now? The button is there, but I can not click it. I can not even get on the site from my phone now because I cant figure it out. Where is the La Cocina topic? I went to look for it and I cant find it. Yes, I am devasted. Just wanted to look back at the sad news lol And..... I just made this post and went to recent topics and I do not see it. figured this one out. I had it set on only posts I have not read to show. I feel so lost
  12. There is no guarantee for some, but in many cases it is still a very higher number twhich is why people take action to protect themselves. It is amazing what these tests can help of prevent. I know it potentially saved my life and many family members taking the brca testing. As for my friends (siblings) who took the early alzheimers genetic testing. They will get it. 100% and nothing they can do to stop it. As For Pubbys post. I see nothing wrong with it. Sound like a mother doing eerything to protect their child and has the funds for that.
  13. I have heard that with storms. I was so sad there was not snow this morning.
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