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  1. Good to see these services making it out to the burbs. We use Zifty in Atlanta. Instacart delivers groceries here in the city, but I'm not sure if it does out there. If not, someone (clearly) should open a franchise.
  2. This is SUCH a wonderful cause. Foster children are so heavy on my heart, when we were going through the training classes we learned of this - children literally moving from home to home with so little, but enough to not be able to carry in their arms. And to have to put what little you do have into a trash bag - what is that saying to these children? You have no family and what you posses - what identity you have to take with you - is no better than trash. It's just INEXCUSABLE. It shouldn't happen, not this day in age. Not in this country. It's an absolute outrage. Nothing infuriates me
  3. Praise God! HE.IS.GOOD. I hope that your grand baby has a speedy recovery. Bless him.
  4. YAY! BTW, this wasn't supposed to be a "look how great I am at helping others" - this was in hopes that we might get exposed to new ways to help and share how great it is to help others!
  5. Yeah, I should be careful what I wish for…especially because most of the time, I don't really care. But pictures. Four times a year, I dress these goofballs up and beg them to act right for an hour. I tried a mini session and this is what I got. When you have a "challenging" family, it's worth it for the private session to make sure you get your money's worth!
  6. My son is going through that "I don't give a crap" stage. Thankfully, he's clean, he just doesn't like to really care about his appearance. I'm struggling not to be a narcissistic parent, as that can really screw kids up, but I don't want him to be a slob. I didn't really care for these pictures, so we're going to take more at a dedicated session and someway, somehow, I'm going to get that boy to clean himself up. She's totes adorbs.
  7. A little more on what your cell phone is saying. http://www.globalresearch.ca/stingray-the-cell-phone-spying-device-us-government-disappears-stingray-spying-records/5389122
  8. That so wonderful. What a selfless act. I pray often for our missionaries. What a hard job - and what incredible courage. I simply couldn't do it. I would end up adopting villages.
  9. Poor punkin. How old? He's in the best hands possible!!!! My son spent many, many nights there for respiratory related illness as a baby - you can't find better care. Lots of prayer, please take comfort in knowing that you're among the best there is. I pray for peace for your family and God guidance for the doctors and nurses.
  10. My family and I are in the process of figuring out what we're doing for our holidays of service. We usually do MUST for Thanksgiving, CRN for a food drive, 5 shoeboxes and then something with Hope Roswell. I feel compelled to do more this year, so I am trying to plan a "GNO" to serve at City of Refuge. Are you all doing anything? If so, what? Local or international? My goal next year is to do this year round, not just two months out of the year.
  11. Buhlee me. I know. I was a fridge Vinings-er for 8 LONG years. Vinings had so much potential. But now it sucks. Glad to be out. Miss a few of the foody stops, though.
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