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  1. You are not right. I am the worse speller in the world, but this chick makes me look good. Every comment sounds like a trailer park birthday party. As far the names of people NOT INVOLVED in the actual arrest and charges, I would be angry if someone posted my name and life stories for all to read. I am ashamed of Pubby for not putting a stop to that, or the bickering between certain members. It is vaction time and all.....
  2. I have a 2 1/2 ton unit, we upgraded to a larger one. We use Self Mechanical (770-732-9358) John or Chad. I can honestly say I will never use any other HVAC company, but these guys. I feel comfortable giving them my house key and leaving for the day. I can't tell you how great they are. One company I will advise you not to use would be Dobb's Heating and Air. He quoted me $3000.00 higher than Self Mechanical. Good luck and if you need the unit let me know.
  3. What are trying to say? Are you trying to be funny? Honestly your comment makes you look like a piece of sheeze!!! But I hope you feel better about yourself....cause I feel 100% better letting you know you are a POS!
  4. Then why do you guys keep using that as an example? Where I am from, the new bugdet was just released.....NO NEW TAXES! The county is actually trimming the fat from their budget. I am aware I give money to Cobb and Douglas, but I live in Paulding and I am more concerned about here.
  5. What does the general fund pay for now? Does a general fund exist? Has the county pissed away the general fund? No, it's not the 1900's anymore, but I feel that the roads were built before SPLOST and can still be maintained without SPLOST. If we all stand in line and shout TAX ME, TAX ME....it makes it really easy for the county to continue to screw up with the funds. If property taxes continue to rise, then "northern's" like myself will be forced to walk away leaving another forclosure for good ole paulding. Enough is ENOUGH! The fat has been trimmed off my budget, and I can't freely g
  6. What roads were built before SPLOST, and where did the funding come from?
  7. Thank you for answering and not calling me stupid, or any other names.
  8. Can anybody tell me: We voted for school SPLOST........what the heck happened? Loss of teachers, loss days in school, huge class sizes. What did we get for paying extra taxes? Some really purty schools sitting empty?!?!?!?! If I thought for one second, I would see the "use" of funds in a correct manner I would vote yes. But that is NOT the case here. I keep getting taxed to death, and actually I am scratching me head at how eager some are to hand over more money. When do you think the county will STOP screwing up with their funds? If they can continue to raise taxes and use stupi
  9. I would change that to frustrated! I might be ignorant by your standards....I don't really care what you think of me. My concern is the money my family HAS to pay out in this county. If that makes me ignorant, so be it.
  10. I can buy a treadmill for $300 brand new......CAN YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH SPLOST I WILL PAY OVER THE NEXT YEAR?????? If any more money is taken from our family we will not be able to pay our bills. GA just did an increase in auto insurance, my house is worth half of what I owe on it, and my kids will be going to a school system with serious issues. I am outrage that you think a few more walking trails should even matter at this point!
  11. If this is truly bothering you that much, go to Wal-Mart and pick up some type of child safety lock and take it to her. All you have to say is "This worked great for my kids, thought I would share it with you. If you ever need anything, I am across the street." You will not always like your neighbors, but a kind, gentle approach goes a long way. If that doesn't work, then by all means get ugly!
  12. No, I am not being serious....I was joking. Hence the 2nd part of my reply. I would have done the same thing, I do feel sorry the lady. If her husband is that "crazy" she is proably physcially and mentally dranined.
  13. Wow, poor woman....crazy husband, 2 year boy, and neighbors watching her every move. Shew I might need a nap too. Call the police, it is our nature to prevent children from being harmed. It's hard to see children suffer and you can't help him.
  14. I agree, doesn't seem right......but not much around here seems right anymore.
  15. I saw a sign today asking for money to send sports kids to the beach. My husband said we should make poster board signs, and see if anybody wants to pay for our vacation.
  16. Atleast, I do mow my yard! To me it looks trashy when the weeds are taller then the kids playing in the yard.
  17. Yes we do have a very quiet nice neighborhood! My neighbors are great, I enjoy the fact 2 officers live a couple houses down. And of course we have the running man . Zoo you would love it here.
  18. Yes, some are in the school system. Some staff abuse the method and use it for punishment. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  19. After loosing 30 pounds I would LOVE a tummy tuck and some "hippo suction" ( ). I am not sure about a bigger cup size, but I could go for perky. It would be for myself only! I am very self conscious about the way my clothes fit. I don't care for my boobs to pop out of shirts or my extra belly skin to buldge out. I would like to be able to wear a bikini again.
  20. We use Gas South, good rates and we get a discount for using greystone. We are off nebo road 61 side.
  21. Okay I have been searching for 3 days....it seems like the closest match is a beard straightner.
  22. My comment did sound very ugly, it's really hard to see people with 5 or more kids, nails done, dressed like a star, driving a expensive car, using government benefits. I understand coming to the US to better yourself, but if "we" are paying for everything what are they really learning?
  23. Nope, just saying.........you have to prove you are US citizen to get it. I used the word immigrant. Not all are here for a free ride, but damn we sure do make it easy!
  24. I don't give a damn what makes them comfortble, what language they speak, etc. What I really care about are the benefits for AMERICAN'S being used up by these families and their 10 plus kids. My family struggles everyday to pay the bills, because we have an uninsurable child. I applied for Peachcare, I was denied for not being a US citizen. I take my child to his doctor's appointment PAY out of pocket, while the "immigrant" behind me pulls out a handfull of Peachcare cards, bitter....HELL YES I AM! You want to live in this country then SUPPORT yourself and your freakin kids, so I don'
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