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    I like mine horn-ie.
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    Why you are most welcome.
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    Oh my...............
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    I am feeling rather bitchy today. My feathers are ruffled.
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    Well if you're in to that kinda stuff....here's a little buddy to help.
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    NEVERMIND! Take your negative's and SHOVE EM'.
  7. Birthday Party!!!! One year ago I was sitting in Tanner Hospital hallway dialated (sp?) to a 6, and NO birthing rooms open. My last baby turns 1 today.
  8. Do you work with cancer patients? I have a friend who is gettig radition, and she needs a "feel better" day.
  9. I thought you were talking about babies with snotty noses. Man, I need some grown up time.
  10. Try and remember the test can be wrong. It happens all the time. It's okay to worry. My OBGYN always ordered extra test.....I felt like a pin cushion and that everybody and their brother saw wayyyyy to much of my parts. I vote you win the free massage for Mother's Day!
  11. I have asked for this for Mother's day.
  12. I am not talking about all ESEP para's. I mean the classroom's with 5 kids and 1 teacher and 4 para's.
  13. Nice lift, cupcake of the month.
  14. 300 teacher layoff........paulding county jail.
  15. Actually I have been in both grades. I didn't think about parents not putting their kids in preschool, I can see that being a problem, but not enough to justify an all day para. I also think ESEP para's could be scaled back.
  16. Honestly there is not much differnce between K and 1st grade, except the huge amount of "play time" in K. I think 1 para could rotate durning the day for all the K classrooms.
  17. Buy the $1.97 chlorine tablets and toss them in while the neighbor is out. With the pollen if they are not running the filter it will look nasty. I don't know if you really can call anyone about the problem.
  18. Mine would rather be up my butt too. I gave in she can sweep, mop, fold towels, and clean tubs. I have 2 close together, it's better to let her help, when she gets tried she goes and plays by herself.
  19. Check out High Falls state park, it is beautiful.
  20. There comes a time when you have to start doing for yourself! When you try and live your life for someone other than yourself, at some point you are going to feel cheated.
  21. Yes...... I like green eggs and ham?!?!?!?!?!
  22. That's awesome! I bet he was on his way to a public paulding county school!
  23. I would find it just as hurtful as finding my private feelings of grief posted on a PUBLIC message board. I just lost a loved one recently, and would be furious if someone started a post like this. I am so sorry for the loss this family has suffered.
  24. All of that...really STINKS! We always book our beach vacations at a family beach, and not durning Sping Break!
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