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  1. LPPT The last paragraph of your post says it all!!! We have at least five business parks around this County today, That needed to be promoted by the Chamber and the Industrial Building Authority and the Paulding County Economic Developement Hundreds acres of land in these existing parks need to be marketed to bring in jobs. Watch the IBA meetings on video and the Chamber members who are members of this Authority and you will quickly realize why these business parks are basically laying idle,, Business parks with Water ,Sewer paved Roads etc. but not being promoted
  2. lowrider we also need for the Airport Authority to pay the existing bills that they have refused / unable to pay, That the property owners are having to pay before they go in debt for any more major expansions at the airport. The Airport Authority under the airport director urging proposed this expansion. I am concerned why the Airport Authority did not include any money in the FY 2018 to repay the money for the 3.2 million bond issue that was passed by the previous Commission Which BTW Dave Carmichael was member of!!! Authorities should be made to live up to all written / agreements Contracts!!!! What ever happen to the promise from the Airport Authority that the airport would not cost the property owners "ONE RED CENT Call the airport Director Terry Tibbitts 770-505-7700 and Commission Chair nan Dave Carmichael 770-443-7550 and tell them to pay their bills and live up to all contracts before doing any more expansions at the airport.
  3. Has the incompetent Airport Authority lost al lsense of fiscal responsibility? http://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/west_georgia/state-wanting-more-details-on-planned-paulding-terminal-expansion-project/article_add42a82-4255-11e7-baf4-f7981e76ffa1.html Yes folks you are reading that right they are planning on doing a TERMINAL AREA EXPANSION costing millions of dollars that the taxpayers of Paulding County could ultimately be responsible for. The initial grading will be perfumed by The grading Company owned by the former Airport Chairman Calvin Thompson total cost of close to two million just for the grading The airport authority recently (December 2016) bought the leases from the IBA and went indebt for $1,200,000 all the while not paying anything on the $3,200,000 Bond that the previous commission voted to approve for the runway taxi way extension in 2013. Was is so significant here the facility now is only marginally used with plenty of parking huge unused rooms in the terminal building, plenty of tie down room etc. Not to mention the law suit that the City of Atlanta just filed that could cost property owners millions to settle if they stay the course and don't fulfill their commitment to not have commercial passenger service. If we don't stop this ,now, soon it will be to late Share on social media this and talk to your friends and neighbors This terminal area expansion is not needed for General aviation and will ultimately cost the tax payers (property Owners) millions in additional property taxes.. Call Chairman Carmichael .....770-443-7550 and tell him to make the airport Authority pay their current debts before going in debt any deeper
  4. Just in case you don't get the Marietta Dailey Journal http://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/west_georgia/atlanta-says-paulding-promised-no-competing-airport-faa-cites-concerns/article_94c1572e-656c-11e7-9d2f-47540ffe48a7.html
  5. Well you would think that Mr. Carmichael who is the Highest elected Board member of the Airport Authority would have notified the airport authority during the Special called airport meeting on June 29, 2017 I mean after all the Board did go into executive session for Litigation, as part of that meeting. DUH!!!! Mr. Carmichael had already been served the paper days earlier and others were aware that the Airport Authority was a Defendant in this law suit.. After all Mr.Carmichael is the CEO of Paulding County and did not even notify the Board of Commissioners or the Airport Authority until several days later. even though he has a special assistant who was fully capable of notifying anyone if they were instructed to do so. That my friend is either incompetent or sneaky and trying to keep a secret as he has done so many times in the past on matters concerning the Airport.
  6. The inexperience /incompetence of the Current Airport Director Mr. Tibbitts and the inexperience / incompetence of the Chairman of the of the Board of Commission Dave Carmichael Coupled with a new Chairman of the Airport Authority Boyd Austin in ability to attend all meetings of the Airport Authority then you can expect lawsuits Like the City of Atlanta has Filed against our County leaders. When some of this group can SECRETLY without the approval of the Airport Authority in open meetings, break promises and do things that harms the City of Atlanta ,then you can expect to be sued. Why was this issue not discussed during a regular Airport Authority meeting. Why was the previous Chairman David Austin allowed to secretly, on his last day in office, file a Quit claim deed for the 163 acres without approval from the Board of Commission.? Citizens as long as we continue to allow the Airport Authority to secretly do things and hire / appoint individuals to the Airport Authority who do not question these secret deals and are willing to be a party and carry out the secret deals we will continue to be sued!!!! As long as we sit back and refuse to question why they are not doing things in a open, Honest and Transparent manner, in compliance with the State laws that govern them, we will continue to see our property taxes increase to provide legal service to a Airport Authority that is totally out of control. No other County that I know of would allow an Airport Authority to continually do things secretly without Board approval !!
  7. Atlanta offered a olive branch, the Airport leaders turned up their nose at the offer, this is the consequences another year or two of legal fights and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and TAX INCREASES!!!!!!
  8. The above letter bears out the facts that the leadership of the airport authority cannot be trusted and certainty the FAA has become fed up with all the misinformation coming from this authority. The lawsuit from the City of Atlanta bears out that the leadership of this airport authority which is acting on issues that have not been brought to this Board of directors for approval. Good ole boys who hire good ole boys to run pet projects and that secretly under the cover of darkness do misdeeds is not who we need running the airport .
  9. Hey Newbie from NEW HOPE I have just been made aware that not only the City of Atlanta is concerned by the immature and inexperienced manner in which the Airport Authority is operating, It also appears that the FAA is getting fed up with the continuous misinformation that has been provided them. http://www.savepauldingco.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/FAA-Letter-6-3-2017.pdf A man's word is his bond and it teds to follow them in any endeavor they undertake. What a shame when a federal agency has to chide the leadership of this County
  10. Newbie The so called Chicken World four is not the problem as you and others allege. The leadership of the Airport Authority and the leadership of the Industrial Building Authority is the problem. The leader ship of the PCAA just awarded the Airport Director a job that pays Terry Tibbitts $65.00 per hour along with up to $500.00 per month in expenses. Here again the PCAA gave the job to a person that had no experience whatsoever with Running and managing a airport of any type, And he is being paid top dollar to perform this job I doubt very seriously that the Airport Director at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport makes this kind of money? The airport Director along with David Austin and Dave Carmichael were fore warned by the City of Atlanta that they must live up to the Commitments that were made when the deal for the 163 acres were made. The inexperience of our airport leaders surfaced when they did not heed the warnings of the City of Atlanta. The airport leaders have now led us down the a path that quite frankly the property owners of this county cannot afford. No one in their right mind can believe that we can afford a long drug out court battle/battles with the City of Atlanta and Hartsfield Jackson airport. We do not have the experienced and capable folks leading us. Furthermore we are not financially able to compete with Atlanta. The leaders need to step down and resolve these senseless lawsuits that we cannot afford. A job that pays $65.00 per hour should draw a pretty talented/experienced person who could make this airport profitable as a general Aviation airport without any on the job training. Just so you know I just reviewed the June 2017 Industrial Building Authority meeting and it last about Four minutes it open session. Only four of the members were in attendance there was no discussion of creating any jobs, no report from the PCED and the Chamber spokesperson made no mention of any new jobs coming to Paulding County My friends this is the Job of the IBA/ Chamber of commerce and the Paulding County Economic Development not the County post commissioners
  11. Brian ,Hartsfield Jackson International airport is a life line for the City of Atlanta, I don't see the City of Atlanta ceding anything to a County whose leaders have not kept their promises!!
  12. Wow, How stupid Austin and Carmichael must be thinking that they can now match attorney fees with the City of Atlanta,. They will file claims and appeal cases until the citizens of Paulding County can no longer afford to pay the taxes to battle Hartsfield Jackson air port ( the worlds busiest) and the City of Atlanta. If propeller wants Commercial service here, why don't they fight the City of Atlanta for it in court???? STUPID STUPID to think that Paulding County can compete with the big boys ,with full pockets in Atlanta. Over the next year I predict it will cost Paulding County close to a $1,000,000, just to defend the first Atlanta law suit, with more law suits soon to follow. And all of this because our leaders were not being open, honest and transparent. A man's word is his bond and it appears that the City of Atlanta is about to teach some of our misguided leaders what it means to be open ,honest and transparent.
  13. My My you are a little testy today.....I find it laughable that you only attempt to demean the four commissioners who are the only elected officials that have lived up to every campaign promise that they have made Just so you know the commission as a whole has passed legislation and agreed on resolutions that for almost 95 % of the time the results of these votes were 5 to 0 . These votes Include the Reservoir, new jail referendum, New State Patrol office, Brand new Drivers License building, new centrally located water Department, new 911 center fully staffed with the latest and greatest equipment to respond to emergency concerns, Additional fire stations, that are fully equipped .Just to name a few Unlike David Austin And David Carmichael who are the Highest elected officials who sit on the Industrial Building Authority along with Brother Boyd Austin who have failed miserably to bring any meaningful jobs to the area for the past ten years who rarely ever, over this period have created any jobs with the exception of interoll. Go ahead question those facts Carmichael served on the IBA from around 2004 t0 2012 and is now currently serving there now. David Austin has served on the IBA from 2008.to 2017, Brother Boyd Austin has served on the IBA every since he was elected Mayor of Dallas around 2004 During that time the IBA has been given unlimited Millions of dollars from the various commission to provide jobs for the citizens of Paulding County here is the big question for all, where has this money been spent by the IBA????? If my memory is correct we have five or six business parks around the County and the two Dave's along with Brother Boyd have failed to attract any business/manufacturing/retail etc. to these parks with the exception of a few small business and some County buildings They Recognized their failure and created another red herring. The Paulding County Economic Development which was funded to the tune of Millions with a office in the Regions Bank Building. NOW please tell me how many jobs they have brought to Paulding County in the 10 years they have been in operation How many meetings does the IBA or the PCED have on a monthly basis? How much does the IBA owe the County for Bond Payments backed by the County. I hope you now realize that the so called Chicken world four have been fulfilling their responsibility to Paulding County and have lived up to everyone of their campaign promises. I only ask you to do this.... Watch the next video of a IBA meeting or go to the Stop Page and look at any previous IBA meeting I promise you this, the meeting will last about 10 minutes with the remaining of the meeting held in closed session...... Then compare this to what the commissioners have done the past few years that is the reason we have spent millions through the IBA and Nothing to show for it . Keep in mind the Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Building Authority and The Paulding County Economic Development are the engines that drive economic development, Of course you knew that you just wanted to belittle the commissioners that have kept their campaign promises I also hope you realize that Dave Carmichael, Boyd Austin and David Austin have not fulfilled there responsibility to bring the needed jobs to Paulding County through the IBA and the PCED A film studio does not get the job done
  14. Just another case of the good ole boy's taking care of the other good ole boy's
  15. Close to $70,000,000 heck the Atlanta law suit could be that much. Just hired a part Director for $65.00 per hour with no experience and up to $500.00 per month car allowance. and the Airport Authority was served with the lawsuit six days prior to giving Terri Tibbitts this outrageous salary How much you folks willing to pay in additional taxes to continue this Fiasco????????. Yes taxes will be increased to support the Airport they presently owe the Commission $800,000 in back payments on a bond issue and the work is still not completed.
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