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  1. What? You maybe aren't the best person to lecture others on tone. And I wouldn't touch on grammar or usage for a few days.
  2. Eh. I've seen worse. Saw a few folks from that freaky-deaky church this year. You vets know the military is like society at large, good and bad included. Most people around military communities tear each other to shreds. Do a search for "Dependas" or "Overy Sensitive Military Wives." haha
  3. It was just a thought. I really don't have a dog in this fight. And I have never seen a helicopter fly super low due to trees and power lines and such. They are really expensive, they try not to crash them, especially into houses. I really do see over a hundred a month here so I'm inclined to think the tales might be a little exaggerated or the people are being VERY sensitive. No offense. I'm not even going to suggest it being used for a dragstrip now. A tire might end up in that pool... I do know what you mean about the deforestation. The loss of topsoil is devastating. It takes 10,00
  4. Red wine vinegar! That must be it! Thank you.
  5. I'm not sure if they pay to use private/public land, but I know they put up personnel in local hotels and sometimes buy gas from local merchants and the Guardsmen travelling to and from the location would use local merchants. Because who else is going to visit Paulding? It's kinda far from Six Flags and unless they built something fabulous since I left, I really can't think of a specific reason. I'm not sure who to ask about this. From what I gather from this document, they DO pay to rent some properties: http://www.ngbpdc.ngb.army.mil/pubs/405/ngr405_80.pdf And they might improve the
  6. The Germans were ruled by the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi for short) during WWII. I'm not sure how you can separate the reference, but I will accept your word at your intent as you wrote it. I honestly think a lot of people like you and would have voted for you if you didn't seem so far left. You are entitled to your own free speech, of course, but I do think it gave the other side ammunition. You never know what people IRL are talking about, especially the ones who don't post on message boards. You probably didn't plan to run for office when you made some of the more ex
  7. And watch what your friends say in print if you ever plan to have a political future. Your opponents will remember stuff like this. (I lauged about the comment Pubby made about the other side being more able to engineer social interactivity, he owns the main website in Paulding. If he let somebody trump him on that, that was his bad. Because he COULD have changed that.)
  8. Why always the Nazi stuff? I know it must be hard to offer yourself for public service and not be accepted, but if you want to represent people in Paulding county, speak for them someday, maybe lay off the Nazi stuff. Especially as it is in print and can be easily attributed to you. I mean your picture is right there... Seems like common sense to me. I'm sure the Jews and Europeans and survivors of US service members KIA are getting irritated with you using their great pain to your advantage. Same with the descendents of slaves. If you can own family stories of extreme poverty,
  9. It's about 23% of our of-age citizens who would be able to join this year according to General Odierno (Army/Navy/Coasties). Less for Marines. WAY less for Air Force. We are weak and uneducated and obese now. But we can talk crap pretty well on the computer all day.
  10. Obama cut Tuition Assistance DRASTICALLY this year and changed how it can be used (how long you have to serve, long wait times between degrees, etc.). Screwed a lot of service members and their family members (a lot of men and women transfer their benefits to their spouses and children). The thinning doesn't have much to do with merit or seniority or good service records or education or anything that should matter. All about if you are in a "lucky" MOS or not. Like everything this administration forces on our military, it is mostly arbitrary. The sadness I see would break your heart. They
  11. Are you SERIOUS? This has to be one of your more disgusting posts. You understand NOTHING about this. (Or about much of anything, tbh.) 1. It's isn't just men. And it isn't just white men. We have a very diverse military. 2. The military is a way of life in some families. They are raised to serve and not just TAKE. I know, novel concept. Obviously not part of your generational culture, but it is to many. 3. They are cutting career service members, people who decided this is what they want to do until they retire. The ones who "joined for 9/11" have been out for a long time. Sin
  12. Nothing on this missing man? His family must be so stressed.
  13. You got fancy. haha I love that broccoli slaw people make with the bacon and cheese. Mine is never as good as other people make. I think there is a trick I don't know.
  14. Have you tried the ramen salads? There are different kinds. Some use the seasoning packet, some don't (not very healthy, all that msg). Ingredients: 1 (16 ounce) bag coleslaw mix 1 cup sunflower seeds (de-shelled/shelled/no shells) 1 cup Diamond of California sliced almonds 2 (3 ounce) bags ramen* (any flavor, you won't be using the seasoning packets so it doesn't matter) 5 stalks of scallions, sliced ¾ cup vegetable oil ⅓ cup white vinegar ½ cup granulated sugar Instructions: In a large bowl, place coleslaw mix, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, crushed ramen (NOT COOKED), and sca
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