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  1. Usally the riders die, because something with four wheels ran them over. This guy was an idiot, but we love to ride and enjoy the sunny days. We do less riding these days, because the people with 4 wheels are idiots.
  2. That would be awesome! Let me know, and thank you!
  3. overit

    Ex Stress

    Want me to kick his butt?
  4. You are awesome THANK YOU! Sending you a PM.
  5. Would any of you be willing to donate your product or free passes for a raffle? We are doing a fundraiser for the NG Eagles. This is the first year the boys have played together, so we do not have any sponsors. We will sell $2.00 raffle tickets for the passes and gifts. And if anybody has any other ideas please let me know.
  6. It happens in every neighborhood, if the police are not out here, then it's animal control. People have way to much time on their hands!
  7. My SIL sent this to me right after my 3rd child! Every mother has bad days, and it's awful when they don't sleep.
  8. I did not mean any disrespect, so you know how it feels for that to be the first question asked! So, what med is working?
  9. No offense, but I hate being asked this question. I mean really is any of concern to you? Medication does not work for every child. Anyway....mine spends ALOT of time in his room. I have to take that break, when I find myself getting to that point. From what I remember disjr is not in his teens yet? Lord help you when he gets about 12.
  10. Yes, everything they could....even sending them to places like YOU worked! If the child is in treatment it's not going to be an overnight change. It will take some time, as an adult you can either stay at your job or HIT KIDS and go home?!
  11. Holy crap he is only 5, there is a chance for him to be more than a POS!
  12. Yep, I use to think that way too! UNTIL, I worked with children who spit in my face, scratched until they got blood, hit, kicked, and pulled out hand fulls of hair. Some parents that I met did all they could to stop the behavior, and sad to say it didn't help. But NEVER not ONCE did I EVER think about hitting the child or having other kids do it......and guess how much job training I had?.....Uh on the job training!
  13. I would bet less times than mom and dad "pimp" them out for their fix.
  14. Ever been to the OBGYN office? Ladies come in there with 6 peachcare cards, sporting new do's, and a kick ass ride. While I am paying my $120 for my office visit, I watch these "low lives" go into their high price purses, searching through wic checks and food stamps to pull out a hand full of peachcare cards! ARGH!!! Same thing happens when I pay $350 for my son to see his neurosurgeon. Until someone takes this issues under control, things will never change!
  15. I would move in a heartbeat! But now is not the time to find jobs.
  16. It works on baby formula too? I have to go grab a bar.
  17. How the crap do you get white baseball pants clean? What do you use?
  18. A couple of months back, a few of my friends that have kids at Scoggon's were in an uproar over a 6th or 7th grader being pregnant. I don't know any details, just thought it was sad.
  19. It seems SPHS has a high pregnancy rate. From 2nd hand information......students are having sex at the school. Bathrooms, bandrooms, hallways, etc. For me that is hard to imagine, and I wonder how the adminstration will fix the problem. The one that really got to me is the little girl at Scoggins. How sad is that? The children do not comprehend their lives will be forever changed.
  20. Are you the comapny that had an aswesome deal on pressure washing? How much do you charge for houses?
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