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  1. Have you thought about working at a daycare?
  2. My husband works in ATL sometimes even futher than that. He has time to coach my son's baseball team, we eat as a family every night, and etc. Jobs are slim, but I am so thankful my husband didn't pass up a chance just because the drive. Maybe you could take another look into the offers.
  3. I loved Tanner! Ever OB nurse is fantastic. Congrats!
  4. overit

    Just dont get

    I posted last night in a thread, a post of the whole yankee thing....it was rude, but I am so use to being insulted by life long GA people that I didn't think about hurting people's feelings. I don't mind that people make fun of me about where I came from, but that doesn't seem to work both ways.
  5. Or you could just shut the hell up and take your YEEHAW with you!
  6. overit

    In Laws

    Okay, just becuase you allowed your children to be with a child molester (AKA your step-dad)does not mean we have to make that same mistake. You are old school, when children were to be seen and not heard, and DIL's counted on their husbands to be the only income. You are way off on this one, mentally unstable is a HUGH deal! I would not hand my children over to a sexual predator or a pysh patience that is a neighbor why and HELL would I hand them over to inlaws who are the same.
  7. I wonder is they work with children who have ADHD? I have heard parents give their children Mt. Dew instead of meds.
  8. overit

    In Laws

    Some things you should complain about and vent. It makes putting on your happy face for the inlaws so much better.
  9. overit

    In Laws

    NO, I went to stay with my MIL when my papa passed away in Jan. (my dad's dad) My MIL was on the phone, I was sitting right beside her and she says "yep everybody is alive and well, expect my papa". I was heartbroken anyways, she just added to my pain. Then she actually laughed about it. UNforgivable!
  10. Oak Island, NC. The best beach ever for a family.
  11. Oh, okay. I was a little confused, I get it now.
  12. I am asking....did you say you were offended by the lady giving the finger, but allowed your daughter to tape it? You can't fix stupid, let it roll and be happy no one was hurt. I try not to get involved in road rage, I always have my kids with me, and it's not safe to interfer unless you are calling 911.
  13. That's all you do around here now days.
  14. She is adorable. Now get back and bed and act pitiful, so your hubby can spoil you. I hope you are feeling well too!
  15. It's really easier than you think. I did my bathroom by myself. I would try it myself and save on labor.
  16. Now I see why you are filled with so much hate when someone disagree's with you. Hopefully the station where this took place can look closely at their policies and make a change. Now since you were so honest, I will be. And for the record I am not being rude or any disrespect. you made a choice to be a police officer, you need to own that choice. There will be different opinions that are not going to agree with you, but you throwing up your hands and saying "police are always picked on" isn't going to change anyone's thinking. You are so quick to think I am a cop hater, because I see this
  17. I really don't understand you being a smartass to me, I see a few you peeps want to have someone to bitch at that has a different outlook on things, there are always to sides to every story. After all the stories in the media about police officers they need to be careful and on their toes. The world has came to the untiltled syndrome, police officers should always be able to back themselves with proof, which in this case would have been the video.
  18. Excatly, cops do lose their patience sometimes. As well as any other profession. It happens, I find it better to always be on the safe side and have your words backed up, the video would have allowed him to keep his job.
  19. I still say he should have left it on. Or had another officer in the room. He should have used better judgement.
  20. Everyone can form their own opinion. Do you think the second he stopped video, he could have lost his self control? Maybe? If he had left the video on and used common sense, he might still have a job.
  21. And those injuries could easily be a frustarted cop beating the crap out of a women. No one will every know, because the tape was stopped. Him stopping the tape speaks volumes to me, if he would let it roll he might still have a job.
  22. I have a couple pieces of metal decking. Would that work? My son used some of it for a roof on his club house.
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