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  1. Princeton Dr, off Nebo road has 3 for rent, around $950 (I think) 3 bedroom, 2 bath, and a bonus room/basement
  2. Thank you, I am going to take him and have him scanned sometime today. If that doesn't help, I will try the house. You wouldn't happen to know what the address is, or the color of the house?
  3. I have a red pit here followed my kids home close to Lindsey Lake.
  4. Get a Husky! Our pretty girl, controls the cat population.
  5. Maybe the deputy lives in the neighborhood.....and maybe the neighbor would better suit themselves to not be so nosey.
  6. Could be the system losing the kids not "helping" them become productive. Getting any services to help troubled kids is like pulling teeth in this county. If their parents suck, and the local programs suck....it doesn't mean "we" should throw them in a place to be raped and come out at the age of 18 unstable and uneducated. Pretty much sets them up for failure and future jail time. You do know the juvy officers are big on charging kids for being with someone committing a crime. Lets say a kid drives a kid to Walmart, said kid gets in a fight, they both get the same charges.
  7. Family Intervention Services in Hiram, have 7 Challenges classes. The classes go any where from 6 to 12 weeks. From all the reviews for teen addiction, FIS has more success than Willowbrooke.
  8. I just want to say...I wish ALL ESEP teachers cared about their children's success like you do! Can we just clone you?
  9. I typed out a long response, I will PM it instead. You do have teachers from Nebo on this board!! No reason for you to display your hand to them.
  10. For sheeze sakes, set up the clay target thrower and show the "crazy" man you have loud guns too!
  11. Cannot get the link to come up, google "Brunswick News". You can look it up on facebook.
  12. WTF? Standing their grounds to carry on the family tradition of welfare funded, gang banging hoodrats!!! Read the new articles, seems momma and auntie are in Glynn county jail for giving false statements.
  13. Exactly, I was raised that way and will do the same with my children.
  14. I am shocked at the number of parents, that never check up on their kids. Take the cell and read the messages!! Check their face book pages! Check their emails, there is no excuse not to stay on top of these things. My oldest is a boy, I almost fell out when I opened his photo's on his phone. Needless to say, he does NOT have a phone anymore and neither does the girl that sent the pictures! (Yes, I am the bitch that will call the little snowflakes parents!) Wake up parents!!! Wake the HELL up and stay on top of all the social media crap!
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