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  1. I know I don't have to contribute,, but what in world are we teaching these young kids? What happen to the day when kids/parents worked for those donations. I guess we are in a new age of going the easiest path.. I think next year I'll stand out with a sign, “Family was force a pay cut, please help send us on our annual trip to Disney world” Have the kids work to earn the money... It is a much better life lesson..
  2. You know when summer is here when kids start begging for free money to go on vacation. Ball teams, church groups.. etc. What happen to the days where we taught them to earn it.. Car Wash maybe... C'om mom and dad... take some responsibly teach your kids the value of a hard earned dollar.. Not a continued life of entitlement..
  3. Several years ago; my son was at the old hospital with similar pains; they sent him home; 2 days later he was admitted to Scottish Rite; 4 days after he was moved to Northside ICU where he spent a month on a ventilator with acute pancreatitis; All because they mis-read a blood test they did a week earlier at Paulding Hospital. Health care bill for the FU.. 1/2 Million.
  4. Several people on Paulding.com have recommend Twins Plumbing and Septic. I had my septic tank pump for first time in 10 years. They did a good jobs and did not hit me with a bunch of up charges. I would recommend them. Honest, hardworking local company.
  5. Rec baseball has changed with the explosion of travel teams. These "World Series" are profit driven tournaments. Depending on the association that is running the tournament; you can assemble a team of kids of the right age; pay the 800.00 plus entry fee and your good to go. Yes, it is a vacation for the family. If you need additional money EARN it. Wash cars, yard sale, sell stuff on ebay.. EARN it. What do we teach our kids by begging.. We teach them ENTITLEMENT. I don't stand on the corner and ask for the public to fund a trip to Disney World.. Here is a list of Ideas to raise money;
  6. Such a baited question; but I'll bite. This is America; we are built on free enterprise. It's a shame that Political Correctness overshadows how a free enterprise works. If an individual wants to own a business and be a jerk so be it. If he offends the shopper than they will not purchase and he goes out of business. If he offends an employee they have the right to quit and he has now works and goes out of business. We have become a lazy society of entitlement hounds looking for every opportunity for a free ride. food stamps, year long unemployment, tax refunds that exceed more than what they
  7. I'm giddy that I might of actually got something right..
  8. I haven't read the new law; but I though before this new law was past. As a permit carrier; you could carry in a bar if the owner allowed it. However, you could not consume alcohol. For those concerned; I think you have a greater chance of being hit by a drunk driver than being shot.. I don't see a huge national uproar over passing new laws against alcohol consumption. Another point; all the laws that you want to pass on gun control, will have little or no affect; the people doing the killing don't abide by them.. you just prevent the honest law abiding citizen from further protectin
  9. Has anyone considered gun sales have gone up because there are several of us sick and tired of the federal government trying to rule every aspect of our lives. So, yes we did panic.. Obama has track recorded of forcing his agenda... Our country was founded on the principle of self reliance and accountability. However, we are on the fast track to socialism... that's a train I refuse to ride on..
  10. And this is why we need 30 round clips.. to compensate for poor aim.
  11. Why should I trust an administration to set up more laws and additional taxes? They will not even hold themselves accountable for fast & furious and Benghazi? Same group that ramrodded Obama care down our throats; with the comment: Not sure whats in the Bill; we will find out after we vote it in. I'm sick and tired of Washington not focusing on the real issues at hand, issues that affect thousands of Americans in the here an now.. The chances of me or you being affected by this financial mess far out weight the chances of us being shot or being in a shot out anytime soon. Hell, my
  12. Wife and i attended a free gun safety class at Adventure outdoors. Was worth the time but there was no hands on range time. The Adventure range is nice. They also make you sit through a short video and then give you a safety card before you get on the range. I will probably attend a class in Tennessee. They require 8 hour class with range time before you get CCW. I will also look at additional classes here in Georgia. I've been to Stoddards very nice place, actually like it better than wild west. In February there will be a new range opening up off of Thornton Road(C.H James Parkway). Ni
  13. What is your point? To continue to stir the gun control pot with information that doesn't really mean a hill of beans? A gun is a gun is a gun..All guns function very similar. You could take the elements of an AR15 and make it look look more like a traditional hunting rifle and people wouldn't be as upset. Even if the gun has 5 round magazine. Shooter can carried several magazines. A shooter in an unchallenged non-threaten environment has all the time they need to reload. End result is the same, several dead people. A shooter that is being challenged by another shooter is now focused on tha
  14. It is hard to say why she had so many guns. Why to do guitar players have so many guitars. The reason each has it's own sound. Similar with guns.. Each is slightly different. If you are into various target shooting each gun is slightly different. Example: I have a 1911 .45; but I also have a 22 that is similar. why; because the 22 is cheaper to shoot. For many, hand guns is a hobby. Another way to look at it. Lets take an alcoholic that is convicted of several dui's. He has 10 different kinds of whiskey in his house. Drinks an entire bottle, drives down the road hits a car and kill 5 p
  15. I hope people will not focus in solely on gun control; but look at the bigger picture of all the things in our society have changed our perspective of human life. I wonder how much of an impact what we see on TV, read and see at the movies is a contributing factor? I pray for all the families and our country as we morn this tragedy.
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