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  1. 4.65 is ridiculous for the amount of cheese dip that comes in that little bowl... quality for the price was a deal breaker for us... sticking to our all time favorite place on up the road....
  2. I've heard of 2112, and I'm thinking of buying it soon maybe and reviewing it in the near future...it's a shame that they've only played 2112 once in concert.
  3. Well, I would have to say it's outrageous because that is a long time for a whole band to be playing because the riffs they have written are kinda brutal to cover on a guitar. It's not really a bad thing though.
  4. “Moving Pictures” - Rush (1981/1997) Moving Pictures is a 7-Track album released in 1981 (Remastered on CD in 1997) by RUSH that went quadruple platinum in the 1980's. In specific order, tracks included are mega-hit “Tom Sawyer”, “Red Barchetta”, “YYZ”, “Limelight”, “The Camera Eye”, “Witch Hunt”, and “Vital Signs”. Tom Sawyer is a mega-hit that is arguably Rush's biggest hit since the band's formation. The intro of the song is epic, and so are the guitar solos. “Tom Sawyer” is a great song to listen to on the album. Red Barchetta's opening riff is awesome and the song all together is fant
  5. Where is it written that signs are permitted on the weekends? I'm not being a smarty... I looked on the Paulding government site and couldn't find any information and am just wondering.... I understand that some folks don't feel the need to clean up their signs.. so fine them. Just don't take it out on the rest of us!
  6. Obviously, some of our government officials and county employees do not have enough to do and need to downsize if all they have to do is pick on yard sale folks.... I think they've forgotten that the economy is in crisis mode... homes are in foreclosure all over the county and some folks need to do what they can to make ends meet... including buying food for their children. Some folks can't afford retail prices and have the need to go looking for second hand bargains. I can only assume those who approve such drastic measures have no cause to worry about such things.... after all, they make th
  7. Name: The Wizard Director: Todd Holland Year: 1989 The Wizard is about 2 kids that bail out a kid named Jimmy (Lucas Edwards) from an institution to go to California to participate in a Video Game tournament at Universal Studios and play for $50,000. Along the way there is this man named “Putnam” (Will Seltzer) that tries to stop him and take him back to the institution. What?? We've seen that “running away” part before in other movies! That is so generic. The acting was not good or great. I'd say mediocre probably. Not to mention that Nintendo games such as: Double Dragon, Super Mario B
  8. Quality Care of Georgia... ask for an Inclusion Coordinator.
  9. My flier doesn't say they are having it Sunday.. just Friday and Saturday. We parked in the banks parking lot right next to it...no cost. Be sure to ask prices BEFORE you order food from some of the booths,...
  10. The few I remember are sad and the others I've chosen to forget... are sad, too....
  11. I saw several help wanted signs on Hwy. 41 today!
  12. CD Reviews by Taylor: Nirvana “Nirvana” is a Greatest Hits CD of a band called Nirvana, who was famous through the late 1980's and the early 1990's. This CD was released in 2002, just 8 long years after the vocalist, Kurt Cobain, died. All of their studio albums, “Bleach”, “In Utero”, and “Nevermind”, were fantastic. This “Best Of” CD takes the biggest hits from the 3 studio albums and puts them on the album. The album includes hits like “Come As You Are”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “In Bloom”, “Heart-shaped Box”, “Lithium”, and more. There is also a song from Nirvana's first record, “Abou
  13. I'm looking for some cheap/free stuff to do this week with my 14 year old son before homeschooling starts. Any ideas? He's really getting into historical stuff... does anyone know when the Dallas museum is open? I also have the list of Civil War historical markers around the county... does anyone else know of anything in Paulding or close to Paulding? It doesn't have to be historical... just fun.
  14. Ashworth is accredited by the same folks that our schools and universities are in Georgia. Does anyone have any experience with their high school diploma program? Any info is appreciated!!!!
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