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  1. Do tell! I have my own gripes as well! Where do you think the wasteful spending by our county DOT is at?? Lets compare!
  2. City limits for Cedarcrest? Ok are you going to fund police, administrative office, public works dept, recreation, city manager, council members, planning and zoning, business licenses, alcohol ordinances....
  3. http://www.paulding.gov/index.aspx?NID=221
  4. She should be ashamed of herself for making the remarks about PTSD. She is an embarrassment to our County. I have a friend whose husband served in Iraq and has problems and flashbacks. It's pitiful.....then she wants to compare war with the Airport to the war in Afaganistan. May God have Mercy on her.
  5. They need to call Dr. Phil.....he can fix EVERYTHING!
  6. It is great! They have lots of dishes not just hot dogs.
  7. Wilson's Upholstery 4109 Cedartown Hwy, Rockmart, GA 30153 (770) 684-5151 They just did the seats in our truck. Great work and very reasonable. He's been in business for years.
  8. LOL....the thought has never crossed my mind of watching Porn in a mini-van. Every van I have gotten behind here lately has Barney playing. Hey....Maybe it was Barney in a Porn movie! That's Hilarious momof3! Thanks!
  9. Jehovah's Witness...Because they fall into the category of unwanted vistors at my house such as the people who sell books and steaks. Yes, I tolerate people fine. Just not the ones who come on my property unwanted and approach children in my yard.
  10. WoW.....such a dramatic change of tone in your writings. And no I don't hate you. Once again, I have not stated if I am for or against the airport.
  11. Dear Pathetic Pissy Paulding Patty, LOL!!! Do you feel better??? Because I am rolling in the floor laughing at you....That has made my Friday! Tasteless Tahoe....now that's good one. Oh and as far as Idols, I bet you idolize a few that are speaking out as well....Why would I idolize a dumb airport or anyone associated. Like I said I haven't said if I was FOR or AGAINST IT. You are the guilty ones for your hateful, name calling posts about County Commissioners, Attorneys and Airport Employees. Maybe you need to hit the floor and pray to God for some resolution and harmony within our Commission and Residents instead of just bashing and screaming and showing so much hate. Maybe ask for God's Will to be done with this entire situation..... "psychological projection" - that applys to your group. You speak on behalf of the citizens of Paulding and you don't have the SUPPORT of over 100,000 Paulding County Resident and those who DON'T support you, then you BASH THEM just as you have me.... Sincerely, Tasteless Tattooed Tough Tempered Tahoe http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Psychological_projection "Projection is the psychological phenomenon where someone denies some aspect of their behavior or attitudes and assumes instead that others are doing or thinking so. It is usually seen as the externalisation of a person's negative traits, placing blame on an outside force such as the environment, a government, a society or other people. Projection can also extend to philosophy and knowledge. This occurs when a person or small group of people assume that everyone else is working with the same ideas and/or information that they are. When this fails to happen, however, it can lead to pluralistic ignorance. A telltale sign of this is when a speaker says that "Everybody knows that...(a certain course of action)" is either beneficial or harmful, so society should avoid an impending catastrophe by following the course of action that the speaker proposes. Another common forum for projection is in internet arguments, where it is usually pathetically obvious to everyone except the projector.[1] In that context, the phenomenon may be called mirror-imaging."
  12. Oh and I watched both videos....who is the old white haired man after the first speaker (the old man)that said "throw them out" and gave them the ole thumbs "your outta here". I was watching it at the gym and just about fell off the treadmill when i saw it!
  13. For your information "Pissy Paulding Patti", I have not revealed if I am for or against it. All I am saying is stay off my property and don't approach my children playing in the yard. And no I am not going to give you my name or address....you will probably egg my house and harass me. You people are going around like Jehovah's Witnesses.... What the hell with the P.S.???? You want to claify?
  14. TO ALL OF YOU AIRPORT HATERS.....STAY OFF MY PROPERTY, DO NOT HANG ANYTHING ELSE ON MY DOOR AND DO NOT APPROACH THE CHILDREN WHILE THEY ARE IN MY YARD....I am sick of hearing about all this crap, and I'm sure as hell not going to come home and have all your bull shoved in my face. You've been warned....
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