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  1. We had a micro burst in our back yard. Trees down in one small area. Limbs ripped from trees and in the woods, a tree was rooted! The garden got a bit winded. BUT we only have 12 tomato plants. They were right in front of the wooded area where the trees and limbs were taken off but just got rustled. Amazing!!!!
  2. Really good, LR! Thanks for asking!! Been busy with the Grands, we have a 7 month old little boy now. He's so adorable and is such a sweet boy. His 6 year old sister adores him, as do we!!! Hope life is good to you!
  3. Cool Air Mechanical. We are in Marietta and stand behind our work. AND if you are a Member of Costco, you get cash back. We offer great financing.We also handle any plumbing issues you may have. Check us out, give us a call and we will help you out!!! 770-266-5247 Tell them Liz sent you. Whomever you decide to choose, may they treat you well.
  4. Thanks, Lowrider, for the update. So glad to hear he is getting better!
  5. Great news. Really glad things are looking good for Pip and wife.
  6. I've been lurking in the shadows and have had them both in my thoughts alot these last weeks. Lots of good thoughts! I don't know them but wish them the very best now and always.
  7. I hope more people watch. There have been many stories about the crash and I have enjoyed them all. This one is different because it tells why the plane crashed and gives you a glimpse into the actual people here in Paulding County, who were are still are, affected by it. Quite interesting, in my opinion.
  8. Very interesting story. I wept for those who lost their lives. I wept for them all.
  9. now. Just an FYI SMITHSONIAN... OOPS
  10. So, she is saying her OWN daughters were immodest?!?!? What is wrong with this picture? He belongs in prison, general population. And quite frankly, so do his parents.
  11. Got back from the Dr at around 11. He was ok with running a Lyme Disease test, which stunned me. But he asked that I wait until my meds are completed to see if I saw a significant change. I am home an extremely nauseous. My favorite Man is home with me today and is taking extra good care of me. The numbness isn't as bad as it was but the dizziness hasn't changed. MRI scheduled for Monday. So annoyed.
  12. Mei Lan- It is an overall head to toe feeling of numbness. Got a DR appointment in the am.
  13. Thanks, LPPT. Will do. Susie, I don't do fake sugar. Fortunately, I never liked that taste. I really hope it is JUST an inner ear infection. This has been a really bad week.
  14. I have another appointment at 8 tomorrow. I am going to go ahead and ask for the western blot. Can't hurt.
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