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  1. from what I understand it was a house fire and several stations responded. Probably why we heard so many sirens in different directions. Praying everyone is ok
  2. I came on pcom tonight looking for the same answer...my husband is at the firestation but havent heard from him. Guess sadly its a busy night Prayers going up in hopes it sounds worse than it is
  3. you are welcome Its a super cute pattern/idea
  4. I found the pattern on pinterest, I just typed in 'crochet flower motif curtain". I think the persons blog is once upon a pink moon. She posted the pattern free there
  5. lol, those flower motifs would take about 10 minutes to 30 mins each.... If crocheting/knitting isnt something you can/want to do yourself, im sure you can find someone who can make that for you without breaking the bank. Good luck and it is super cute! oh and as for supplies, It looks more like a crochet/thread material but even if its yarn, you are looking at maybe 4 skeins, which is $12. So not bad at all edited to say, just checked and this pattern is available free, it is using cotton yarn which is not expensive. Basically for this project you will be paying for labor and I really
  6. we all had it but it kind of effected us all different....some threw up, some only had the back end issue....but either way it was a horrible feeling. When we all had different symptoms I worried a bit that we all had a different virus lol Fingers crossed it was all the same and that we are good for a year
  7. wow, so very long ago lol Its strange to see the old posts
  8. It said 82 before and after I subscribed Hope I did it right lol
  9. I have five kids, I buy what is needed, not what they want them to have....they suggested index cards on a chain, or different colors....yeah thats cool but twice as much, mine got the old fashioned white index cards lol. I didnt buy highlighters or dry erase markers, my kids dont have dry erase boards so not sure why they need that.....and if the teacher needs it then shouldnt that be a supply the school gives? I just cant afford 50$ a child, I buy the folders, n ot the special folders, I buy the crayons, not the twistable crayons, etc, etc, etc....as for germx, copy paper, color copy paper,
  10. I am mom to 5, dont have time to be lazy. My husband was law enforcement for years, now fire, definitely not clueless about the world. We are realistic, promote healthy growth, allow responsibility and are building strong children who are already turning in to responsible individuals. Our children are very close to us and are not embarrassed by us but we are close enough that our children are honest with us, it does embarrass the kids if you are waiting at the bus stop. We dont have the option of a bus since we live within a few miles of the school. Our children walk to school, without an adul
  11. and that is a very short distance, just sayin
  12. again I stress two tenths of a mile.....
  13. bad things and bad people have always existed... its just televised/reported more now..... and its not about wandering creation, I think the bus stops are only allowed to be two tenths from your house...Im a pretty protective parent, a little too much but I have to agree with the majority on this. At this age you can be protective but over protective might be causing more damage than good. You mentioned your child was in panic mode, at his age he shouldnt be in panic mode....he is old enough you should be creating life skills that help mold him in to a responsible teenager/adult. Also the bus
  14. so strange...we went through the same exact thing, the 5 day thing and now sore throat/congestion...but ive had sore throats/congestion before, this is bad...it hurts and is so miserable. Im almost wondering if the two things, even though time between, are part of the same 'virus'... Hope you feel better and stay feeling better
  15. zoo

    Car Lots

    my husband bought an explorer for $900 three years ago, not one mechanical issue since....we are car shopping for our daughter now, price range, 1k... most buy here pay here places are 'good', they just charge an arm and a leg for their services, they are catering to credit challenged people...I think most want at the very least 1k down and for a car worth about 4k you will end up financing around 12-15k. I think most of them on average run about $400 a month. Ive heard good things about the one that is on pcom, I think its auto house? Hope she finds something good
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