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  1. Wow, just wow! Do you have a cobb in your butt, are you always this hateful and disgusting? I get what you are preaching, but I don't see anything wrong with teens gathering to make a gesture for their lost friend. Teens need time to grieve, and then they can offer support to the family.
  2. Wow, my feelings on abusing the system have nothing to do with race. Not sure why you singled me out....are you being racist? You have no idea what I was planning on doing with the baseball stuff....I didn't see it as begging, I saw it as a way to help children enjoy playing a team sport. The whole you calling my racist is quite I don't think you are a bitch because you are black, I think you are a bitch for the awful things you say.
  3. Well shoot, gald my answer got other people in. Sorry Treasure.........
  4. I have read numerous post by you, everything you make a comment on is about race. I hope you do not react that way IRL, you are part of the generation our children are learning from. It is hard to swallow....watch the housing clip. It is NOT okay to spend money on nails, nice cars, etc and rely on the government to pay for you. Regardless of ethnicy!!! I for one do NOT feel sorry for you, you are acting like the world owes you something. Stop and think about how your actions are going to effect the next generation. It's NOT all about you!
  5. And walked UP HILL both ways!!!
  6. I agree! I think about all the "offenders" in school who got away with it, and are allowed free access to other kids.
  7. I really wanted to sit this out, but after watching the news last night...... How the heck can you complain about a group of people trying to help your sorry butt??? Don't complain if you have had your nails and hair done to stand in a line and beg!!!!! Do you not realize how TRASHY you look in a belly shirt, when you are pregnant and PUSHING a stroller!!! I have my kids......WTH makes you think I care to pay for you, your kids, and your baby daddy. FINAL thoughts......Until you stand in the hot sun all day like my HUSBAND and WORK.......UP YOURS!!!!!! GET A JOB!!!
  8. Did Chole finally eat him?
  9. I have a jonny jumper that hangs from a door frame, an excersaucer (sp?), and some little muscial toys for sale. PM if you are interested.
  10. Well shoot, I loved her personality. Too funny.
  11. I remember someone saying you had red hair. Only one of Nutties with red hair.
  12. UH-OH, you just gave yourself away.
  13. My grandmother had me try the lemons. Thank God for old wives tales and home medicines.
  14. Lemons, the real ones. Cut them in slices and eat a slice every time you feel sick. It's weird, but I felt sooooooo much better.
  15. Sorry we are full. We are playing out of mt. tabor...maybe someone from there will have extra spots.
  16. Let me check with my team and see if we need any players. PM me Friday and I will have an answer.
  17. That's great of you to do that! I know it is apperciated! I finally got my husband's computer back, all the files, pictures, and emails are still okay. THANK GOD, I didn't have to use a hammer. (lol) You IT guys have the patience of jobe.
  18. It took out my home computer and my husband's laptop. The home I got back by system restore, my husband's work NO LUCK!!!! I am highly pissed over the work computer, can anybody help? Over a years worth of work that my hubby needs!
  19. If you guys have size 16 boys shorts and jeans let me know your price.
  20. I have O negative and would LOVE to donate. Do they ever do times later in the day? I need someone to drive me, I always pass out, I know I am a nerd.
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