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  1. I say Feb 19 at 6 pm 7 pounds 3 oz and 20 inches long.
  2. Is this it? I am having trouble getting the link, but google antique mens ring on google images. It's on the first page.
  3. Depends on who else is posting that day. Some bring out the best in me.
  4. H-I-L-A-R-O-U-S......are you sure we didn't hang out together in highschool?
  5. We did it the day after the funeral, we laughed, cried, and each took something to remind us of our favorite memory.
  6. if it happened to yoooouuu.....
  7. I DARE YOU!!! And yes I know the roads go back to where I came from. Atleast I can drive out of GA snow better that you guys!
  8. Their our kids and we can bitch if we want too!
  9. Thought I should add, we also stop and help push people out of the ditches. Saves on tow trucks, and we are just nice that way.
  10. Come on, LPPT I think he did fine avoiding the fire truck and the crazy lady with a camera. I am only joking!
  11. LPPT, I watched the incident, I don't think the guy was being an ass. I honestly think he did have enough time if he didn't spin. I do not think it warrents anyone calling his company and making sure he no longer has a job. I know his mistake could have caused an accident, but I don't think it was his intention.
  12. I must have missed your announcement, Congrats! Now add a ticker so I can keep up. I think the schools should have released at 12:30, the bus drivers have a hard job anyways. And once you put 75 kids on a bus, with snow, slick roads, parents are going to complain. Since snow is not an everyday thing in GA, I would rather be safe than sorry!
  13. It's called drafting. I hate when people do that.
  14. Missy you need a time out!
  15. wcso84 and Ugadawgs98 No offense guys!
  16. Another one of my favorites!
  17. I get it, I really do, I think I could have understood a county officer writing my ticket..but I was blown away with a state trooper for some reason.
  18. I would not consider myself an idiot, my post was about getting a selt belt ticket in my subbdivision. Yes I think it was crazy for a GA state trooper to give me a ticket 5 houses from mine. If he would have let my explain, I had unbuckled to grab something for my son, I might have taken him better. I normally do, when they are not right out butt's. My problem with LE's is....I live off Nebo road, 2 schools are on this road, a women was just killed in a speeding auto accident.....why not chase the speeders? I took my ticket, paid my fine, but still wonder why the speeders are still flying
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